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Kuching is an administrative division in Sarawak, East Malaysia, neighbour to Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia sharing the island of Borneo. The division consists of the capital, City of Kuching, and suburban areas Siburan, Teng Bukap, Bau, Lundu, and Sematan.

When it was still under the rule of Bruneian Empire, Kuching was the third capital of Sarawak. It was a part of British Crown Colony in 1946, and upon the formation of Malaysia, it became the state capital. The City of Kuching earned its city status in 1988.

As a melting pot to several cultures, Kuching is a home to many culinary delicacies. Its safe and clean reputation boasted off by its people. Becoming the gateway to tourists exploring Sarawak state, the popularly nicknamed ‘city of cat’ provides many cultural attractions and nature sites alike. Kuching is further divided into several areas, such as Padawan, Batu Kawa, Tabuan Jaya, Kota Sentosa, Padungan, Petra Jaya, Santubong, and other small areas.

How to go to Kuching

By Plane

Kuching International Airport (KCH) is the main gate to get to Sarawak. There are frequent flights to Singapore as well as to other destinations in Malaysia, such as Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, and local Sarawak cities, such as Miri, Sibu, and Bintulu. Numbers of international flights are operated to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Pontianak every week.

How to go to and from Kuching International Airport

  • Take a coupon taxi for 26.00 MYR. The ride to the city takes around 20 minutes.
  • Though there is no public buses running to and from the airport directly, there are buses heading north to town, i.e., Bus 3A, 6, 8G, and 9. To reach the bus stop from the airport, turn left from the exit of the airport to main T intersection. Make a turn left and walks to the big roundabout, and then catch the bus there. The ride costs around 2.00 MYR.
  • To go to the airport, take the same bus from city main bus terminal.
  • You can also book a mini bus for 10.00 MYR from Tune Hotels (7.99 MYR if you are Tune Hotel guests). It leaves hourly from 08:30 AM to evening.

By Bus

Buses going to and from other areas in Kuching are now originated from Kuching Sentral Terminal, which is approximately one kilometer from the airport. Here are several buses from other areas coming to and from Kuching:

  • Bako National Park: departs from open air market (near electra house). Bus: Petra Jaya Transport (red bus) No. 1. Travel duration is approximately 45 minutes with fare at 3.5 MYR one way
  • Lundu: take Sarawak Transport Company (cream and green color) departs from Kuching Sentral Terminal at 8:15 AM, 11:00 AM, 02:00 PM, and 04:00 PM. From Lundu, buses depart at 08:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 02:00 PM, and 04:00 PM.
  • Pontianak, Indonesia: Bintang Jaya Express bus departs from Pontianak daily at 09:00 AM for 55.00 MYR, and departs from Kuching at 07:45 AM for 45.00 MYR. SJS Super Executive buses depart from Kuching Sentral Terminal at 11:00 AM for 70.00 MYR.

Tourist attractions in Kuching

Generally surrounded by natural beauties, Kuching is also famous for its sunset scenery that can be enjoyed from Kuching Waterfront, an esplanade with open air theatre and food stalls as well as heritage buildings along the Sarawak river. Though so, there are many other interesting activities in Kuching as follow:

Sarawak Museum/Ethnology Museum

Sarawak State Museum was established in 1888, making it the oldest museum in Borneo. It is now called Ethnology Museum and, as the name states, is home to various archaeological artefacts and ethnic crafts of Borneo culture on the upper floor and natural history museum downstairs. Do not be shock when you find an eerie installation on the lower floor, such as man found inside crocodile’s stomach along with hairball and watch.

The museum is open daily from 09:00 AM to 04:45 PM and 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Kuching Civic Centre

Kuching Civic Centre is compounds featuring the most remarkable umbrella-shaped roof tower for visitors to have a 360° view of the Kuching cityscape, available to be accessed during daytime only via two bubble lifts provided.

Aside of the fantastic view, Kuching Civic Centre also has souvenir shop and restaurant. On the ground, there is Sultan Iskandar Planetarium and hawker stalls.

Gunung Gading National Park

Gunung Gading National Park is a natural habitat to the Rafflessia, the largest flower in the world. It is located amidst the Lundu River. To ensure you witness this seasonal flower blooming, do not hesitate to ask the right timing to come to the Forestry Office, and at the same time, to confirm your visiting schedule.

Aside of Rafflesia- viewing, you can go for jungle-trekking. There are choices of the treks: Gunung Gading Summit (steep trek to inactive volcano takes around 3 hours); Waterfalls (ranging from 20 minutes to Waterfall 1 to 45 minutes to the more secluded Waterfall 7); Viewpoints (offering Lundu’s aerial view, a 90-minute steep trekking), and NightWalk Trail (close to camp and is safe to hike at night).

The national park also offers accommodation, with two double-bunk beds hostel rooms (about 15.00 MYR per person or 40.00 MYR per room) and three-room cabins for a very affordable price (about 140.00 MYR). It is also possible to camp in the national park for 5.00 MYR per person. Forestry Office in Kuching usually handles the booking process, so you have to arrange everything before going to the site. Note that there is no restaurant within the national park.

Admission fee to Gunung Gading National Park:

  • Adult: 10.00 MYR (further discount for groups of 5 and more)
  • Seniors : 5.00 MYR
  • Children : free

How to go to Gunung Gading National Park

  • Go to Express Bus Terminal at Kuching Sentral Terminal. You can reach it within 30 minutes by hopping on Bus 3A from Sarawak Transportation Centre (STC) bus office near India Street or Kuching open-air market.
  • From Express Bus Terminal, get on the bus to Lundu. A ticket will cost around 11.00 MYR. Last bus leaves at 04:00 PM, and the trip takes around two hours or less.
  • Alighting at Lundu, catch Lundu-Pandan bus (No. 17C) and ask the driver to drop you at National Park turnoff, 500 meters from the park. The bus runs every hour from 6:00 AM to 06:40 PM. As an alternative, you can take taxi from the terminal to the national park. The 5-minute ride costs around 5.00 MYR.

(All prices are subject to change)

Travel tips in Kuching

  • There are daily express boat services from Kuching to Sibu, namely Express Bahagia and Express Sejahtera. The boat departs from Pending wharf at 08:30 AM, and ticket is available to purchase at the wharf for 38.00 MYR and 45.00 MYR for first class.
  • To get around Kuching by bus, you can catch up green and beige Sarawak Transport Company (STC), mainly serving downtown and southbound.
  • Try river taxi called tambang  or penambang for leisure transportation across Sarawak River, embarking at various spots along the Kuching Waterfront. One-way fare is 0.40 MYR, except from 10:00 PM to 06:00 AM at 1.00 MYR.
  • The distinctive and delicious local cuisines are not to be missed: try nasik aruk (a kind of fried rice), manok pansoh (chicken dish), umai (raw fish salad) and Sarawak laksa.
  • Kuching has unique naming for ordering coffee and tea. If you order only coffee or tea, your drink will be served with lots of sugar and sweet condensed milk. “Kopi-C” or “teh-C” is unsweetened evaporated milk coffee, while “teh-C” special will be served with coconut sugar and a bit of honey. “Kopi-O” or “teh-O” will be served without milk. For thick black coffee, you have to order “kopi-O kaw’’. To order the drinks cold, add “peng” to the drink name’s end.

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