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COVID-19 Test

Need to travel soon? Book your COVID-19 Test here!

Taishan Indonesia Drive Thru Covid19 test @ Soewarna Business Park

Starts from Rp 80.000

Siloam Hospitals

Starts from Rp 249.000

Klinik Fakhira

Starts from Rp 195.000


Starts from Rp 250.000

Klinik Kimia Farma

Starts from Rp 250.000

Omni Hospital

Starts from Rp 575.000

RS Sheila Medika (Dekat Bandara Internasional Juanda) - Sidoarjo - Tes COVID-19 - Khusus WNI (Warga Negara Indonesia)

Starts from Rp 350.000

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Walking Tour of Kalemegdan Fortress Virtual Tour with TourHQ

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Stroll Through the Streets of Thimphu Virtual Tour with TourHQ

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Admire the Grandiosity of Amer Fort Virtual Tour with TourHQ

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Walk Around Yerevan's City Center Virtual Tour with TourHQ

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