Cara Transfer Pulsa 3, Cara Cek, dan Isi Pulsa

Ways to Transfer 3 Credit Balance

3 provides interesting features such as  Credit Balance Transfer. It means, all 3 users can share their credit balance among fellow users. Surely, it will be an advantage for you when you need to top up your credit

How to Transfer 3 Credit Balance 

First, type up an SMS with format TRF (space) nominal (space) destination number. Send the SMS to 123. That way, you can help your loved ones who are in dire need of credits.

However, you have to remember that 3 Credit Balance Transfer Service is only available among 3 users. You can not use the service to transfer some 3 credit balance to other operators.

Terms and Conditions of 3 Credit Balance Transfer

3 Credit Balance Service pampers the customer. When you need additional credit balance, you can ask someone else  to transfer you some credit balance. However, to enjoy the feature, terms and conditions apply. First, 3 user and recipient both have an active number.

Second, minimum nominal of credit balance is Rp10.000 for each transfer. If the sender’s credit balance is below Rp10.000, then it will not be transferred. Therefore, before transferring credits,  you have to make sure that your remaining credit balance is enough to be transferred and enough for minimum balance after transfer.

Other than that, when you do a transfer, the sender will be charged Rp500 for each transaction. Lastly, credit balance transfer service can only be used 3 times a day. Therefore, make sure that the balance is enough so you don’t have to do the transfer twice.

How to Check 3 Credit Balance

Communication gets easier with smartphone. You can call your relatives or families even from miles away, because distance will not matter. However, sometimes unwanted situations arise, such as when you’re calling someone and suddenly the call gets interrupted, mostly because your credits are running out.

To anticipate the problems above, you have to check your 3 credit balance on your smartphone. If you nearly run out of credit balance, you have to control the usage. For example, when you’re on the phone, say only what’s necessary so the connection will not be interrupted.

To check out your 3 card Credit Balance, you can call *111# on your smartphone, then the remaining 3 credit balance will be shown up. The service and process is pretty easy and quick.

Not only to check your card’s credit balance, you can also check out your quota or internet balance. Yes, using the same method, you can get many information such as top-up promo or your own 3 bonus balance.

Besides using *111#, you can also check your remaining 3 credit balance via Bima3 application. How? Of course you have to download the application first. Then, you have to log in and check your remaining balance with Bima3 application. Another way you can check your 3 balance is by accessing their website.

Ways to Top Up Your 3 Credits on Traveloka

First, download Traveloka App latest version on your smartphone. After installing the application, you can buy Tri credits in accordance with the nominal that suits your needs.. With just a few clicks, your credits will be added immediately. The top-up and data package services are available on Traveloka App (Android/iOS). 

Another advantage of online top up service is you don’t need to walk around to top up counter. You can get 3 Credit Balance from Traveloka without leaving your place. On the other hand, you can top up 3 Credit Balance anytime, whether it is in the morning or even midnight because it is 24 hours services.

3 Emergency Credits

Indie+ service offers several different credit balance, starting from Rp100.000 up to Rp225.000. For example, when you  top up for Indie+ Silver package, you can get Rp100.000 credit balance with Rp100.000 price. But, when you the top up, you will get Rp50.000 credit bag.

The meaning of credit bag is certain amount of credits can be exchange to other 3 products. For example, you can exchange your credit bag with credits, SMS, or 3 Internet package. You can exchange credit bag through BimaTro. You just have to click “credit” push button, then your credit  purchase is done.

Next, you have to return the credits that’s come from credit bag. For example, you own Rp50.000 credit bag, it means you have to return the credit with the same nominal. Later on, you will get billing information from Indie+ every 1st date of the month. Therefore, you will not forget to return the credit bag that you already used.

To return the credit bag, you can directly come to the nearest 3 counter. Then do the payment using the number used.

Beside come to 3 outlets, you can pay the credit bag through ATM machine that already cooperated with 3. it will makes the payment easier to all 3 users.

Indie+ service is not only can be enjoyed by 3 existing customers. New customers can also enjoy the feature of Indie+ service. If the existing customer only have to top up the credit balance, new customers need to buy Indie+ starter pack with the price Rp225.000. The starter packs is included 6GB quotas, Rp200.000 credit bag, Rp100.000 credits balance, and 50MB bonus each month for a year for every new customer.

Brief Information about 3

3 first launched in 2007. 

To give the best services to the customers, 3 focuses on providing fast and affordable internet connection.

With the 4G network, customers can now enjoy super fast internet connection. This is certainly going to make the customer comfortable and continue to use 3 as their provider.

Besides, 3 always offers promotions to satisfy their customers, ranging from  free calls, affordable internet prices, until cheapest internet quota in a huge amount. 

3 is managed by PT Hutchinson 3 Indonesia. PT Hutchinson 3 Indonesia belongs to CK Hutchinson Holdings group. The international telecommunications group. CK Hutchinson Holdings also provides telecommunications services in various countries, such as England, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Denmark, until Indonesia.

3 Top-up Credits

Whenever you are running out of balance, usually top-up credits counters are the place to go. However, time and location are usually the main issues when going to top-up counters. Those problems will not obstruct you any longer if you are using Traveloka to top up your phone credits, because Traveloka now provides top-up and data package services that can be purchased anywhere, anytime.