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Transferring IM3 balance

In addition to buying your IM3 credit online at Traveloka, you’re also able to obtain it via other means. It isn’t difficult, because you can simply request credit from family or friends. The same also applies to them: that is,  when they need credit but cannot access it for a variety of reasons such as no funds or limitations to internet access. 

Known as credit transfer, the operating facilities of this are similar to the act of transferring money in the bank. However, in this instance you send and share the credit on your phone; not the money in your bank. Effectively a credit balance transfer, it allows you to send credit balance to an IM3 number of your choice. 

At first, sending credit to facilitate the activities of other people may seem detrimental because it will reduce your own credit. In reality, however, this transaction has a number of lucrative benefits. First, you’ll be doing a good deed by helping other people. Typically, the person you give credit to, is a friend or relative.  Your communication with that person is going to be smoother, because they have adequate credit. 

The transfer of credit is usually seen as being cheaper, because there are no administration fees from the seller. If there are any fees from the operator, the costs are usually lower than those over the counter. The result of this is the continuous use of the facility to divide the IM3 credit voucher to those around you. 

This credit activity is very beneficial if you are running out of credit, but cannot access the internet to buy credit online. You simply send a message to a relative, and ask for it to be transferred. Even if you pay it back, the fee will be less than if you buy a voucher directly at the credit counter. 

If, at any point, you want to perform a balance transfer through IM3, you’re guaranteed to have no trouble doing so. This is because of the simplicity of the IM3 method. You simply send an SMS to the number 151 with the format: TP (space) destination (space) amount. For example, if you want to transfer your balance to the number 085678900xxx with the amount IDR 10,000, you write the following message: TP 085678900xxx 10000, and send it to the number 151. It will not take long to get a reply from that number regarding the transfer of balance. All that remains is to reply to the message with the word ‘YES’ to apply your consent. 

IM3 Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

It may be simple to do, and completed in seconds, but there are, in fact, some requirements that you should consider before making a balance to another IM3 number. If these requirements are not met, you’ll be disappointed with a failed transfer. 

The first requirement relates to the remaining balance you must have. This credit balance is calculated on the remaining balance on your phone after you have deducted the amount you plan to transfer. The minimum amount you can transfer is IDR 5,000. Additionally, the cost is the amount you send plus an administrative fee, which amounts to IDR 600. 

The second condition is the credit value that you transfer. As previously stated, the minimum amount is IDR 5,000 and the highest value is IDR 100,000. Although numerous transactions can be done in a day, the total amount cannot exceed IDR 200,000. 

The third and final requirement that must be considered is not based on your phone or credit. Rather, it is based on that of the recipient. Before transferring credit to a person, you must confirm that their credit is still in its active period. This is because the transfer of credit can only be done to users who have credit still in the active period. If not, the transaction will fail. 

How to Check Credit IM3

Have you ever experienced your phone connection breaking up, suddenly, in the middle of an important business conversation? Or have you experienced not being able to reply to important messages from family, because your credit has run out?

In order to prevent harmful occurrences like this, as a user, you would be wise to check your remaining balance on your mobile phone regularly. Always make sure that you have sufficient credit on your phone to communicate as needed. 

Checking your credit on a regular basis is not difficult. There are many ways which you can use to see your credit balance. To check your IM3 credit balance, there are several ways that you can use; from making phone calls, SMS, dial-up, or directly visiting the official website. 

If you wish to check your IM3 credit over the phone, you simply make a call to 388. Through this credit-free phone service, you will receive instructions which you can follow to perform a number of transactions; including to check your credit. Nowadays, you only need to press the number 1 after the 388 operator picks up. After this you will receive the information, which is the remaining balance and activation period. 

You’re also able to gain information on your remaining balance by sending a message (SMS) to the number 363. Just type “USAGE” and send it to the number. Within seconds, you’ll receive a reply. The message will contain the information regarding your remaining IM3 balance, along with several other pieces of related information. This ranges from the rest of the data packet to the active period of your credit. 

Another method would be via dial-up. Dial *123# on your phone and “YES/OK”. You’ll receive a special Indosat Ooredoo will be sent to you, and can be applied to all kinds of Indosat Ooredoo products, including IM3. Through a dial line, you will be directed to various Indosat Ooredoo features, ranging from the purchase of credit, termination of service and, of course, checking your credit.

You can check your credit in other ways besides using your phone with an IM3 SIM card; checking credit can also be done by creating an account on the official Indosat Ooredo website. The website is You simply create an account using your mobile number, from there you can get info about things related to your card carrier. You can also check your remaining balance.  

Buying IM3 credit in Traveloka

Just think of it, buying your credit online, through Traveloka, means you can say “goodbye” to the hassle of finding credit counters that are open in the middle of the night or in remote areas. By buying your credit online, you’ll be able to buy it whenever and wherever you want. Now you’re able to buy your credit online or through the application, which is called Traveloka App. It is available both on Android and iOS. Buying credit through the Traveloka App is not difficult. Once you’ve downloaded the application via Play Store or App Store, you simply select the credit service to purchase the product. After this, you specify your operator and desired amount, before finally entering your cell phone number. Your credit should be added within a matter of seconds.  

IM3 Emergency Credit

In addition to buying credit directly, or receiving it from other people, there is another way you can be helped when you’re in a state of running out of credit. This method can be considered to be used when you are unable to buy credit directly. This can be because the shop is closed or you’re without internet access. Perhaps you also cannot rely on balance transfer because there are no relatives who meet the requirements to send credit to you. It could also be due to insufficient credit, or the limit put on credit transfers. 

If you should ever experience such conditions, try to think clearly and do not concern yourself too much. If you are already a subscriber of the IM3 service for more than 6 months, you can utilise the IM3 emergency credit facility. It can help prevent you running out of credit. The only requirement you must fulfil is that you’re an IM3 user for more than 6 months. 

To obtain IM3 emergency credit, you dial the number *505#. Through this you will receive information about your emergency credit request. You only need to confirm it by pressing the number relating to the option ‘YES’. It will not take long for the emergency credit to be transferred to your phone. Emergency credit afforded to all users is the same. It is the amount of IDR 2,000 and it must be used within 24 hours. Outside of this period, your emergency credit will be removed, even if it is not completely used. 

The given emergency credit is free, initially, but you will have to repay it in the future. This payment will be taken when you next refill your credit, and will occur automatically. If you use the emergency credit facility, and then top up with IDR 50,000; the amount you will receive is IDR 47,000. This will be because the operator has removed the amount equalling the emergency credit, plus an additional administrative fee of IDR 500. Emergency credit can only be used once per credit top-up.

Information about IM3

IM3 is a product of Indosat Ooredoo. It could be suggested that is a brother of the communication service providers Matrix and Mentari, which are equally excellent products. Compared with its two ‘brothers’ IM3’s target market is typically youth to young professionals. 

Low-priced applications, stable network, data packages, phone and SMS services are the reasons why its consumers have continued to grow over time. Its own data package services, such as IM3,have reached speeds of 2 MB per second. With this speed, anyone can have easy access to various websites and download with IM3.  

IM3 Indosat Ooredoo has been around since 2001. Up until now Indosat Ooredoo has produced excellent products, especially its internet network services. However, it is through IM3 that the Indosat first introduced the Ooredoo concept to support GPRS and access to video streaming. 

Through the flurry of IM3 products, Indosat Ooredoo has started a cooperation with Facebook. This has resulted in IM3 Pinternet. With this facility, users can access Facebook for free through IM3. This was first released in 2015.  

Indosat has begun the process of changing its name to include the name ‘Ooredoo’ in all of its products. It first began in 2013, to be precise, when the company––named after Qatari Qtel–– began buying Indosat shares until it reached the majority. Currently Qtel owns 65% of the company’s overall communications services. By owning the majority, Qtel received the authority to make the name change in Indonesia. 

These changes brought in the word ‘Ooredoo’ behind the main name of Indosat. The addition of this name is simply to align it with the Qtel program that wants to have one company across the whole of Southeast Asia named Ooredoo. Though first introduced in 2013, the change to their logo was only introduced on November 19th, 2015. Indosat IM3 became the first product to be labelled with Ooredoo behind it.  

IM3 Credit

It is undeniable that, with the rapid advancement of technology, the need for information is only increasing. Ultimately, in order to meet this demand for information, a number of handheld devices – including your phone – must be taken with you wherever you go. In addition to this, your phone or devices, must have sufficient credit to facilitate all of your activities; from communication to information searches and all the rest. Purchasing credit itself, including IM3 credit, you’re now able to take advantage of the latest advancements in technology. The evidence of this, is that you can now buy IM3 credit, quickly and easily, through Traveloka. IM3 credit can be bought in Traveloka, and is available in various amounts. For example IDR 25,000 through IDR 1,000,000.