Bolt! Data Package

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BOLT! Data Package

Product NamePrice
Internet Super Flex Lite 1.5GB 1.5GB data, 30-day active period. Rp 29.000
Internet Super Flex Lite 3GB 3GB data, 30-day active period. Rp 49.000
Ultra Combo 15GB 15GB data for browsing, social apps and streaming, 30-day active period. Rp 65.000
Internet Super Flex Basic 8GB 8GB data, 30-day active period. Rp 98.800
Ultra Combo 30GB 30GB data for browsing, social apps and streaming. 30-day active period. Rp 119.000
Internet Super Flex Basic 13GB 13GB data, 30-day active period. Rp 149.000
Ultra Combo 45GB 45GB data for browsing, social apps and streaming, 30-day active period. Rp 169.000
Internet Super Flex Basic 17GB 17FB data, 30-day active period. Rp 196.800
Ultra Combo 70GB 70GB data for browsing, social apps and streaming, 30-day active period. Rp 219.000
Ultra Combo 100GB 100GB data for browsing, social apps and streaming, 30-day active period. Rp 299.000

Bolt Internet Packages

BOLT!, a WiFi mobile device brought to you by Internux in 2013. It serves as a mobile WiFi, therefore once you’ve added credit to the inner SIM card, the device cannot be used for SMS or making phone calls, it is only used to connect to the internet. However, there is one additional benefit: multiple users can connect to the device.  

There are other bonuses to the BOLT! Package. It tends to be cheaper than other mobile data providers, and this device utilises 4G, so your internet will likely be faster too.

How to Buy BOLT! on Traveloka

Buying your BOLT! Internet package has never been easier, thanks to Traveloka App. You’re now able to buy packages through Traveloka App, both available on Android and iOS . This does, of course, mean that you need to download the application via Play Store or App Store. Once installed, you’ll be able to download your BOLT! internet package anywhere and at anytime. There will no longer be any need to go to acounter to refill your BOLT! Internet package. In fact, you only have to enter your number, tap the BOLT! Package option, and then proceed to payment. Thanks to this simple and quick process, your BOLT! internet package will be entered immediately on your smartphone. 

The Various Options of BOLT! Internet Packages

Buying your BOLT! internet package through Traveloka is the right choice.Just for BOLT! Card users, Traveloka has internet packages ranging from 1.5 GB to 18 GB in quota. You can buy whichever suits you best. 

You can buy BOLT!’s Super Internet Data Flex Lite with 1.5 GB, priced at only IDR 29,000. 

A quota of that size will comfortably allow you to chat, explore the web in your browser, and be active on your various social media accounts. BOLT!’s Super Internet Data Lite Flex can be used for 30 days before refill.

If this package isn’t sufficient to fulfill your online needs, simply choose a BOLT! Package with a larger quota. Traveloka sells BOLT! Super Internet Data Flex Lite package with quotas up to 3 GB. This will surely satisfy the needs of most BOLT! users. You’ll be able to comfortably read the news, check social media, play your games and chat endlessly on IM.

To purchase this larger package, you just need to spend IDR 49,000. Cheap, right? You’re not likely to find a cheaper price for the package in store-bought credit. BOLT! Super Internet Data Lite Flex Package should be used within 30 days. 

However, if YouTube streaming is your thing, then a quota of 3 GB will not be enough. Though with a one-month BOLT! internet package, they’ll at least load quicker. Simply find yourself a larger quota. In this instance, perhaps the BOLT! Super Flex Basic Internet Data package would be best. With quotas of up to 8 GB being offered,  you can watch videos on YouTube, as well as keep up with your friends’ latest happenings while sharing your own on social media. The cost of this package is just IDR 99,000.

Traveloka sells the complete BOLT! internet packages. You can buy BOLT! Super Basic Flex Data package in Traveloka App, with a price of only IDR 149,000, which is guaranteed to be cheaper than the others. 

Through the purchase of this package, a 13 GB quota would be yours. With a quota such as this, there is really no need to be concerned when surfing the web. It enables you to watch videos on YouTube and satisfy our need to communicate on social medias, as well as gaining insight from online news. 

Let’s not forget, however, that Traveloka also sells an data package with 17 GB quota. This amount of quota will give you more freedom in using your data need like streaming on youtube, doing video call, or just browing on the internet.

You can get this BOLT! Super Basic Flex Internet Data package for just IDR 199,000. It is a price much more cost effective than others found over the counter. You can use your smartphone with the package, be it content browsing, maintaining multiple relations in various social media, send IMs, watch videos and still download videos and updates for applications. 

With all of these advantages, the benefit is truly yours as the customer. You’re able to get a low price with a myriad of choices.

BOLT! Internet Signal Coverage

Society requires a fast-growing internet connection. That is readily available in the big cities. We need a fast internet connection that can facilitate the needs of the community. This is especially necessary when we are downloading a large file. A fast internet connection can free people up from downloads. BOLT! presents a solution to the needs of consumers who need, and want, a fast internet connection. As a result, BOLT! provides 4G network in urban areas such as Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi; the Greater Jakarta Area. Ultimately, the urban area has the greatest need for internet. Thanks to the 4G network, more and more people are turning to BOLT! BOLT! is growing in the Greater Jakarta area quicker than ever. BOLT! Is considered to have the widest covering signal in the city. This all because of the 3,600 signal station in the Greater Jakarta area. 

BOLT! is also beginning to facilitate the needs of rural customers. It is also beginning to expand to the big cities of Sumatra, as it has committed to bring high speed internet to places other than the Greater Jakarta Area. There will be more and more big cities gaining access to BOLT! 4G network speeds in the future. 

Ways to Check Your BOLT! Quota Balance

It is suggested that you regularly check your remaining quota of your BOLT! Internet packages. This is best to ensure you don’t run out unexpectedly. You don’t want to run out when you need your quota most. Avoid this by checking regularly, especially when you use a larger package. 

As an operator, BOLT! provides two methods to check your quota balance. The first way is to simply go to the BOLT! website, log in and then check your internet package quota. 

If you’re not already in possession of an account, then you naturally need to create one first. Once this been accomplished, you’ll be free to check your internet package quota, anytime. 

The second way to check your remaining BOLT! internet package quota, is through the application MyBOLT! Before you can check your quota balance, you’ll have to download the application first. When it is installed, simply log in and check it anytime.  

Just like checking with the website, you need an account. If you don’t have one, then promptly make one and then it is easy to check your quota. If you have already made an account, then simply enter your BOLT! Number and password, then you’ll be able to check any remaining credit.

Tips on Choosing Your BOLT! Internet Package

Every smartphone user will have their own unique BOLT! internet quota needs. BOLT! customers who like to stream videos or download movies will obviously have different needs to those who simply the internet to browse and chat. Bearing this in mind, BOLT! provides various internet quotas, so you can buy the package that suits your requirements. 

If your internet usage is low, then you can buy a BOLT! internet package with a 1.5 GB quota. This is perfect for chatting, browsing and the occasional check-in on social media. If your needs are slightly greater, then you can buy a quota with 3 GB. This will free you up to browse more, checking online messages, and possibly the occasional video call.

BOLT! also has BOLT!’s Super Internet Data Flex Basic package with a 8 GB quota. This is the perfect quota for those who are somewhat addicted to the internet. You’ll even be able to watch videos and download larger files. If this still isn’t enough, there are quotas with 13 GB and even 17 GB. You’ll be a very satisfied internet user. 

Tips on Saving Your BOLT! Internet Quota

It’s essential to be wise when using your internet quota, or rather your BOLT! internet package quota. You’ll quickly exhaust it, if not; especially when the activation period is fairly long. When your quota runs out prematurely, you’ll have to buy it again, and this is surely a waste of your money. This means you’ll be scrimping and saving on your BOLT! internet package quota. There are many ways for you save on your BOLT! package quota. 

Many smartphone users are fond of watching videos via YouTube. Everyone has a favorite cat video or two, no need to feel guilty for repeat watching there. Additionally, there is always a video going viral, that, of course, you simply can’t miss. 

This is just one of many examples where you can take advantage of running a BOLT! Internet package quota, but you can quickly become wasteful. For that, you need to intelligently utilise it while it’s running for things like videos. There is one useful trick; download YouTube videos for viewing offline. Find your favourite videos and download it your device. That way, when you’re watching, and re-watching your internet quota won’t be sucked up. 

One other smart way to save BOLT! Internet package quotas. You should take advantage of data usage limits. Most smartphones have such a feature on them, where you can set a data limit on a smartphone’s internet use. This data limit can be set across a week, 10 days, two weeks or even a month.