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Barbershops in Bandung

About Bandung

Bandung is well-known not only for its unique cuisines but also the creative industries such as the clothing outlet and barbershop Bandung. These particular creative industries keep growing and making the whole city an exciting landmark to explore, not only to hunt for foods but also to go shopping and enhance your appearance. As the center of tourism in West Java, Bandung is pretty much inseparable from its shopping tourism. If you happen to be in Bandung or is planning to have a long holiday trip there, it’s recommended to visit several important shopping landmarks like Jalan Cihampelas, Pasar Cibaduyut, Jalan Dago, and Pasar Baru Trade Center. In addition to shopping for merchandise, another full experience of travelling to Bandung you definitely can’t afford to miss is to enjoy a large variety of the culinary world. There are several culinary spots you can visit, like the Dago Atas area that hosts a plethora of cafés and unique restaurants, or the traditional market areas if you do plan to enjoy a more down-to-earth yet still intriguing traditional cuisine. Other exciting tourism potentials that Bandung has to offer include a deep-rooted history and culture trip. There are several key spots with significant historical value such as the Jalan Asia Afrika area, which becomes the symbol of the Asia-Africa Conference since way back when. Then, there are also Gedung Merdeka and Gua Jepang that still stand as the key witnesses of the colonization of the past. Bandung is located in a strategic location which happens to be accessible from every direction. Because of that, you can gain access to this city through a lot of different transportation methods. If you happen to live outside of West Java, you can ride a train that stops in the Bandung Station. Then, you can also take a flight and land in the Husein Sastranegara Airport. However, travelling with personal transportation is the most recommended one due to its flexibility and easier navigation in Bandung. During your stay in Bandung, there are several public transportations you may take, such as city transport or bus. However, it’s more recommended to call an online taxi if you plan to visit a more specific and hidden location.

Barbershop Bandung Review

As mentioned before, Bandung is also famous as one of the creative cities in Indonesia. A plethora of creative products are produced and sold here, from the clothing outlets to the services like the barbershop Bandung. In fact, this particular industry has developed and scattered across the city, even going as far as the city outskirts. There are several reasons why tourists from outside of the region would be willing to travel far away just for simply hunting a barbershop Bandung. For one, all the barbershops in the city deliver a large variety of services with customer comfort being their main priority. This is an interesting thing to note, given that male barbershops were generally seen as a place that offers mediocre service. Not to mention, the comfort and excitement weren’t comparable to the female salons where the ambience is more relaxed. Second, barbershop Bandung is an industry where the workers are established as experts among barbers. Because of that, you’re guaranteed to have a clean, sleek, and perfect haircut with their services. Of course, flexibility also matters, meaning that the workers must be able to make a haircut of many different styles, including the now-trending undercut style. And lastly, although each barbershop offers a different price tag, all of them generally offer an amazing value-for-money. You won’t have to worry about an overpriced haircut service with mediocre result anymore. Thanks to that, haircutting among men in Bandung is now seen as an exciting activity to do, even while you’re on a trip in Bandung

Recommended Barbershops in Bandung

If you happen to be in Bandung and need a recommendation for the best barbershops in the city, check out this list

Venus Kids Salon Abdul Rahman

Haircutting for kids is quite different compared to haircutting for men. For the former, the barbers will have to use the techniques that don’t scare the children away. Not to mention, they’ll also have to be able to handle children tantrums while cutting their hair. Therefore, if your child’s in need of haircutting, you’re in luck because barbershop in Bandung is generally capable of handling such circumstances thanks to the highly trained professional barbers. Among barbershop Bandungwith such capabilities, one of the notable barbershops is Venus Kids Salon Abdul Rahman. Specialized in haircuts for children, this particular barbershop is located in Jalan Abdul Rahman Saleh No. 60, Husen Sastranegara, Cicendo, Bandung. Here, you can expect your children to get a quality service offered by the Venus Kids Salon.

For a price of Rp54.000, your children will receive a professional haircut in accordance to their or your desire. In addition, each barber is trained to do haircut in an entertaining way that doesn’t intimidate and bore the kids. At the end of the day, the kids will leave the barbershop with a big smile on their face after all the quality service and fun experience here.

Barber Pop Jalan Sumatera

Fun fact, there are tons of barbershop Bandungchains with an amazing reputation, one of them being the Barber Pop Jalan Sumatera. Every chain store of Barber Pop is designed uniquely inside out, creating a fun and relaxing vibe that will never bore you out.

Price starts at Rp67.000 per haircut. For that price, you get a large variety of services during the whole haircutting process, including a head massage all the way. As a result, you can resume your exciting adventure around Bandung with both good look and clear mind.

Venus Barbershop Miko Mall

Located in Miko Mall, Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim No, 632, Babakan Ciparay, Bandung, this barbershop in Bandung is among the top-rated barbershops. It’s all thanks to the top-notch quality that keeps the customer coming back for more.

Price starts at Rp60.000, and for that, you’ll gain numerous services. Aside from personal styling, you’ll also get a head massage to help you relax during the haircutting process. And while you’re at it, the barbershop also offers a complimentary drink to further ease your mind even better.

Barber Pop Dipa Junction

Similar to the other barbershop in Bandung under the banner of Barber Pop, quality service is this barbershop’s first priority. You can see such ideology reflected in this shop even from the barber seats, which are mind-blowingly comfortable to sit onto for a long time. Then, in front of each seat, you can find a complimentary television to help you relax and kill some time during the haircutting process.

All of these, including other services, are yours truly for the price of Rp67.000. For reference, Barber Pop Dipa Junction is located in Jalan Aria Jipang No. 1, Citarum, Bandung Wetan.

Barber Pop Dago

Aside from being among the best barbershops, what sets this barbershop in Bandung apart from the rest is its bold red interior design. Located in Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 59, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan, this is one barbershop you don’t want to miss.

Price starts from Rp67.000, which is pretty much the same as the other Barber Pops. Of course, this means you can expect the great service quality from Barber Pop, not to mention other complimentary services.