Changi Beach Park
Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022, 1 Night

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      Hotels near Changi Beach Park


      Suggestion of Hotels near Changi Beach Park

      Aside from its advanced and neat public transportation, Singapore also has several other tourist attractions that are worth trying, including the ‘old’ Changi Beach Park and the choices of hotels near Changi Beach Park.

      For those of you who don’t know yet, Changi Beach Park is a beach park that is located at the east side of Singapore, on the top of it. This beach has a size of almost 28 hectare and is known as one of the oldest beaches in Singapore, with the identical village atmosphere or familiarity with the name “kampung” that has been a part of Singapore civilization from 60s and 70s.

      As one of the oldest beaches in Singapore, Changi Beach Park has been through a lot. Way before Singapore gained its independence in the 60s, Changi Beach Park has some dark history, where it was once a killing ground in the second world war. In 1948, the luck for Changi Beach Park had shifted during the Malaysia command. The popularity of Changi Beach park during the weekend at that time, makes the government's plans for the development of the beach, with the main goal is to connect this beach to Tanah Merah Besar Road, and build resorts all of that with the cost below US$ one million.

      Twenty years later, after the independence of Singapore, the development of Changi Beach Park became more rapid. In 1971, the government decided to build a dining establishment, whilst four years later, Changi Beach park lost its popularity among tourists with the main reason being the transformation of a two-thirds of the beach for the needs of Changi Airport.

      In the beginning of 2000, the Singapore government decided to upgrade this area with US$ 4 million, which gave us the Changi Beach Park that we know today.

      Changi Beach Park is not only a decent destination for tourists outside Singapore, but also a favorite destination for locals. The big areas, along with a compact facility makes it an ideal place to do a family picnic for the weekend, or it could be a perfect place to do a sweet escape from the rush routinity of Singapore.

      With these many values, choosing a hotel near Changi Beach Park can become handy for you. So, here is the suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park for your next travelling plan. 

      YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport Landslide

      Location: 78 Airport Boulevard #04-280, Jewel Changi, Changi, Singapore, 819666

      The first recommendation of a hotel near Changi Beach Park is YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport, which is situated at 78 Airport Boulevard Singapore Changi Airport. This three star hotel and Changi Beach Park are only separated by a fourteen minutes drive.

      The first time that you step into YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport, you will be greeted with a modern yet minimalist visual. The minimalism aspect is also shown by the choices of their rooms. Located inside of the Changi Airport makes one of these hotels in Singapore more often become a transit hotel. Although it only provides two types of room, it doesn't mean that you can get the best experience out of it. The first room is Family Cabin, with the size of 19 sqm, and can cater a family or four people at once, that can sleep in one queen bed and one single bunk bed and the second room, Premium Queen Cabin, will be more fit for couple, since it has one queen bed inside a 10 sqm room. This hotel is suitable for your next staycation in Singapore since to book a room here, you ‘only’ get charged with SGD 104, a reasonable amount of money that commensurate the exclusive feeling that you will get and will be a perfect start to your travel journey with your family on public holidays in Singapore.

      No matter which type of rooms that you get, you will be given basic amenities. An air-conditioned room is a must, bed sheet and blackout curtains are perfect for curing your jetlag. This smoke-free hotel also proposes an easy access for the internet because they offer WiFi inside the property. Since this hotel is located inside Changi International Airport, they don’t offer an on site parking. However, this hotel can make you sweat with its 24-hour fitness centre.

      Not only this first recommendation of a hotel near Changi Beach Park is the best and one of the nearest places to go to Changi Beach Park, but YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport is also near some of the famous tourist attractions. You can learn more about the art history of Changi by visiting the Changi Museum within an eleven minutes drive. If you are a traveller that loves to have fun in the night time, Marina Bay Sands Casino can be reached with only seventeen minutes drive.

      Changi Cove

      Location: 351 Cranwell Road, Changi, Singapore, 509866

      The second suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park is a four star hotel, goes by the name Changi Cove. Located at 351 Cranwell Road Singapore 509866, this hotel is only a five minutes drive from Changi Beach Park.

      This second suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park available with four types of rooms, the biggest types of rooms that you can choose is Two Standard Rooms on the Same Floor, with the size of 44 sqm and can accommodate four people with one queen bed and 2 single beds. The other three have the same size, which is 22 sqm, with the only difference being the type of beds. The rooms in Changi Cove also come with flat screen televisions with premium channels, an air-conditioned room, with bed sheets and free toiletries.. The lowest price for a room in this second suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park is SGD 145 per night, which surely can go up or go down, depending on many factors. You can always get the best deal by browsing the hotel promotions in Singapore.

      The facility inside the hotel is as good as in the rooms. You can get free access to the internet in all of the rooms and public areas, as long as it's still inside the property of Changi Cove. Although, one of the ‘downside’ of this hotel is there is no on-site parking available. However, the absence of no on-site parking is substituted with one of the best cuisines that you can eat during your stay. The White Olive by Changi Cove is a restaurant that offers a mixture of international and local cuisines. You practically can hang here all day, since it serves brunch, lunch and dinner.

      Other than Changi Beach Park, there are also several places that you can visit during your stay in this second suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park. With a thirteen minutes walk, you can practice your golfing skills through Changi Golf Club. The location that is near the sea makes Changi Cove also a good starting point for visiting the islands nearby. You can fulfil this wishlist by walking to Changi Point Ferry Terminal within a 16 minutes walk.

      Orchard road is also a tourist attraction that is still on your radar if you are determined to stay in this second suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park. Both Orchard Road and Marina Bay Sands Casino are only 21 minutes drive.

      Aerotel Singapore Transit Hotel @ Changi Terminal 1

      Location: Level 3, Departure Transit Lounge, Terminal 1 (above Gate D41), Singapore Changi Airport, Changi, Singapore, 819642

      The last recommendation of a hotel near Changi Beach Park is once again a hotel that is still a ‘transit’ hotel. Aerotel Singapore Transit Hotel @ Changi Terminal 1 is a three star hotel that is located inside Changi International Airport, with precise location at Above Gate D41, Level 3, Departure/Transit Area Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore 819642.

      This hotel's main features is that it is connected directly with one of the shopping centres at Changi, along with the restaurant. They offer 70 types of rooms that are divided into four categories. All of them roughly have the same size, and it could be classified as a transit hotel, due to the limitation of the time. With 20 sqm, you can rent a Double Room with 6 hours approximate time, or if your next plane is for another day, you can also order rooms for a night. Whether you are a group traveller or a solo one, this last recommendation of a hotel near Changi Beach Park can cater your needs. For a room in this hotel, you will charge at least SGD 417 per night, surely not a part of cheap hotels in Singapore.

      You cannot undermine the facility in each of the rooms of the Aerotel Singapore. Despite its reputation as a transit hotel, each of the guests will be welcomed with a room that is air conditioned, along with the bedsheet and simple toiletries. They also provide rainfall showers and 32 inch smart TV.  The staff here can also speak four languages, which are Chinese, English, Filipino and Malay, so the homey nuances will greet you once you come in front of the door.

      The entertainment aspect is also bold in this third suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park. You will be guaranteed won’t be bored since it has internet access in each of the rooms and inside the property of Aerotel Singapore. As a part of Changi International Airport, you won’t get any access to the parking site.

      For the food aspects, you can choose to eat in the restaurant of Aerotel Singapore. The surprise doesn’t stop there, you can also get access to one swim-up bar, one poolside bar and one lounge. If the water sports don't interest you, there is also a fitness centre for you to try on.

      As a transit hotel, many guests forget to experience interesting attractions at this hotel. This surely is a miss, since there are lots of tourist attractions near Aerotel Singapore. The first one is the place where you can learn anything about Changi or Singapore in general and this place is Changi Museum, an eleven minutes drive from this last recommendation of a hotel near Changi Beach Park. Add four more minutes from that, you can reach Changi Beach Park and experience all the facilities there. Marina Bay Sands Casino and Orchard Road can be reached below twenty minutes drive, and so does Garden by The Bay.

      This last recommendation of a hotel near Changi Beach Park also has an option for a late checkout fee, and the price that you will be paid is SGD 20, depending on the available rooms or time. Also, only the registered guests are welcomed in the guestrooms and even though it is a small change, each of the guests is forbidden to bring any kind of animals or pets during their stay.

      There is a lot of testimony from the recent guest commenting about how good the service was. This doesn’t come as a surprise since all of the staff here are professional and can talk foreign languages such as Chinese, English and Filipino and Malay. With this aspect only you can understand how much the management of  this third suggestion of a hotel near Changi Beach Park want to make this hotel homie and create a comfortable ambience for their guests.

      These three hotels near Changi Beach Park can welcome different types of guests with different needs. For a backpacker or solo traveler, choosing a budget friendly hotel is an important step, while for a businessman and traveller that wants leisure and chill time,  choosing a bit pricey hotel is also reasonable.

      Singapore and its hospitality services that advances and technology friendly image of the city is an ideal example of what hospitality services should be.

      The government also takes part in doing this, especially developing areas that need to be boosted, while also ensuring the identity of the area such as Changi Beach Park still exists.

      That is why Singapore can be a perfect example of how to maximize the potential of tourism attraction that can only work with the help of the government and the private businesses in Singapore. Hotel near Changi Beach Park is a good implementation of this idea, and so are several hotels in Singapore that are located at strategic places.

      There are so many popular hotels that you can choose for your staycation in Singapore such as during public holiday Singapore. Here is the list of popular Singapore hotels that you can explore with Singapore hotel deals:

      Marina Bay Sands | Hotel 81 | Shangri La Singapore | Fullerton Hotel | Hotel Boss | Sentosa Hotel | Andaz Singapore | Mandarin Orchard | Pan Pacific Singapore | Sofitel Sentosa | Capella Singapore | Raffles Hotel | Mandarin Oriental Singapore | Resorts World Sentosa | Ritz Carlton Singapore | Fairmont Singapore | Grand Hyatt Singapore | Intercontinental Singapore | Fullerton Bay Hotel | Goodwood Park Hotel | Hilton Singapore | Orchard Hotel | Carlton Hotel | Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

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