Yoisho Ramen
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Yoisho Ramen

Tutup18.00 - 22.00 (Sab)

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Casual Dining

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Finna A


Ramen enak

Tempatnya agak tertutup dari luar,namun mengesankan private saat memasuki restoran ini. Ramennya enak dan porsinya cukup besar, bisa dibagi berdua dengan teman. Saya sempat mencoba tori karaage dan menurut saya enak tetapi bau jahenya sedikit menusuk. Tapi secara keseluruhan ramen dan appetizernya rasanya enak.

13 Mar 2018



Cute place, mediocre ramen

With the very-insta-worthy neon lights and interior, I expected this new Ramen place with a good authentic ramen, and my expectations has failed. I ordered cheese ramen, spicy miso, roa paitan, mushroom gyoza and tori gyoza. The taste were just mediocre, broth was too much, the chicken was weird, baked corn with the spicy miso was not right. And kimchi...? On ramen? Maybe it's just me, but I don't think that is the right way to eat your ramen... The noodles were poor.. Too bad, they have a nice spot already. The price is affordable though, around 50-65 for one bowl of ramen.

10 Mar 2018

Gregor K


Artisanal ramen, more local and seasonal ingredients

This was a rewrite, but the well deserved (as the previous lost within IoT) Did lunch here during pre-opening, and regular shop hours. The menu listing was quite focused on old school men-ya fares, but as it turned out, the ramen, the broth, and the sides were creatively crafted for us. The first visit was a quick stop, so on waitress suggestion we tried the mayu maze-men, katchiiiing...flavor right on the money, balanced by the creaminess from the tamago onsen; yupp gotta eat here again. Second visit, the waitstaff suggested salad to cool ourselves as we chose patio seating around noontime, but notified us salads are seasonal, what served today may not be around next month. When finally we cleaned up the salad bowl, we sadly wondered whether we could get the same zingy scrumptiousness again.The house-made ramen bounced happily between brief slurps, distributing savory warm sparks of green chillies broth all over my palate. Well made, well cooked, flavorful. The roa red chillies ramen seemed to take my son to another place, dutifully respecting the love that inside his ramen bowl, observing the 5 minutes-slurp off-your ramen-before the flavor-soaked in. Yes it is addictive, and yes we will come back, I'll bet they have other nouvelle offering next time around.

31 Jan 2018

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Yoisho Ramen

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