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Yami-Yami Noodle House - Sunda
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Yami-Yami Noodle House - Sunda

3.7 / 5(3)
Tutup10.00 - 22.00 (Min)

Detail Restoran - Yami-Yami Noodle House - Sunda

Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Cina, Bakso, Kwetiau, Bakmi
Batasan Makanan
Sedia Makanan Halal
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • Kursi Roda
  • Kursi Bayi
  • Takeaway

Ulasan Tentang Yami-Yami Noodle House - Sunda



Good noodle, way overpriced

Nice, clean place, rather dark. Strategic location. Small parking lot but can park in the neighbour shops. Here just before noon, only 3 other tables occupied, got almost full by the time I finished my meal. Service was prompt. The menu was filled with nice, clear pictures, but there's no price written anywhere. The beverages menu got prices on them. Very extensive menu, btw. Some picture shows combinations of their menu, falsely lead that those were included. I ordered their original Yami manis ayam jamur/yamien in sweet sauce with chicken and and mushroom toppings, which in the picture goes along with 2 pangsit rebus/wontons. But as I ordered, the waitress said the wontons are not included, so I had to order them as addition (wonton was charge by each). For these I gave them minus 2 stars; nobody likes to be deceived by the vague menu. The noodles were smallish and quite tasty, and the portion was quite right. The greens were also in noticable amount. The wontons were good, a ball of meat in the center. But the toppings were in small amount, so if you didn't order the wontons, all you got would be mostly noodle. The broth was very watery, with a hint of sesame oil aroma and a few shredded scallions. The lemon tea was quite good; they really made it with fresh tea and lemon instead of from instant drink. A bowl of sweet yamien with chicken and mushroom toppings, additional 2 wontons, a glass of iced lemon tea costs almost IDR70k. Way too expensive, minus another star. I don't think I will return.

10 Oct 2018



깔끔하고 모던한 맛. 하지만 다소 높은 가격

숙소 인근이라 혼자 찾은 식당. 전체적으로 깔끔한 내부는 정갈한 모던 레스토랑 느낌. 맛 역시 과하자 읺고 괜찮았음. 하지만 가격은 살짝 비싸게 느껴짐

29 Aug 2018



Tak hanya bakmi

Mau cobain resto yang belum pernah dikunjungi.....ketemulah sama resto ini. Tadinya berpikir menunya bakmi doang, tapi ternyata macam2. Nasi goreng kekian nya enak, gurame tausi nya juga oke..

13 Aug 2018

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Yami-Yami Noodle House - Sunda

Jl. Sunda 53, Bandung, Indonesia