Warung Sunset Coin Amed
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Warung Sunset Coin Amed

Tutup8.00 - 23.00 (Sen)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Breathtaking view

Probably one of the best places to watch the sunset! Drinks are very expensive but that’s probably how they make their money. We ordered an expensive cocktail which tasted like lemon juice in water. Most disappointing! We stayed for food - we were a party of four and each ordered something else. We were all satisfied with our choices and found the prices very reasonable. Service was not bad, although the place was fairly crowded. We did however have one waiter take the food order and another one who came to do it again because apparently “his friend” had not understood! The beautiful view and ambiance make up for the shortcomings.

08 Jul 2018

Александра П


Agressive housekeeper

We were here few times before and it was a great place, but after few weeks in Amed and few times at sunset in this cafe we saw many problems: at one time we sat at the table like 30 mins and no waiter comes to us. Then they upped a prices right after the season is started (so the wine that costed 35k before became a 50k). But the view is still good. Today we come here down the hill from the cafe to make to photos. There were the housekeeper who run to us and told us to order something even if we sit outside of his cafe. Then he told us few f** words and that people without money should not come to Bali. So I strongly not recommend to come here because of the people... But the view is still good

19 Jun 2018



Expensive . Supa busy and without a smile.

View is amazing from up there but i really miss the day when there was nothing there.It was authentic, now it s all fenced up. Ciment everywhere. The drinks are expensive and they are pushing you on drinking.. one more time it s jut about making money . There is other places to watch the sunset from...

01 May 2018

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Warung Sunset Coin Amed

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