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Warung Strawberry

Warung Strawberry


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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Asia, Seafood
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Casual Dining

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Thomas V


Really good and cheap seafood

We went there seeking for Balinese warungs. It was a bit hard to find, but it was worth it. The waitress was very kind, you could pick the fish you want, it was delicious and quite cheap. Can totally recommend the prawns with chili sauce. It was a thick dark sauce with onions and chili. Spicy but not too spicy.

03 Aug 2017

Luat N


Cheap and good foods

Cheap food but great quality, the taste is more similar to Chinese food, for me, it is easier to eat. The food owner is a mid age female - very friendly to customers !

05 Sep 2016



Bargain basement dining

We have come to Bali for a gastronomic extravaganza holiday so naturally looked up trip advisor for ideas. We decided to visit Warung Strawberry to see for ourselves whether the food lived up to some of the rave reviews. The hotel taxi driver struggled to find the restaurant. He asked around and finally parked the car and walked us to the restaurant. You should have seen the look on my wife's face. Dressed up like Mrs Bouquet, she was flabbergasted. The area is pure slum. We have lived in Sabah for two years so this isn't new to us but we have moved on over the years and don't seek out this type of establishment anymore. We arrived here in April 2015 which is not the Bali high season and very few restaurants have been full which has limted the atmosphere for most of the places we have visited. There were no other customers at our restaurant and may be only six or seven anywhere else on the complex. It was dark, dingy and lifeless. There was a chair at the front of the restaurant with the fish in a handbasin with a lump of ice over the top to keep it cool. I chose a large snapper which was prepared in oyster sauce, frogs legs in black bean sauce and garlic prawns. This was all promptly delivered with a plate of bolied rice. The fish was delicious but the sauce was tasteless with very little hint of oyster. The frogs legs had no distinctive taste at all. I just found myself sucking some sort of flesh off the tiny bones. The prawns were supposed to be large but turned out to be so tiny it was impossible to separate the flesh from the shells. Overall, we ate it all but it was far from inspiring. The price was about 1/8th you would pay for beach front dining and if you were back packing or on a fixed budget this would be ideal. As always the staff are very polite and friendly which makes it diffcult to give a negative review. All I can say is that I wouldn't recommend this place to any of my friends for fear of reprisals! We walked along the main road in search of the Kuta night market only to be told we were already in the night market. Very dissapointing, so we jumped in a cab and headed for the Kuta shopping mall. As we drove through the downtown Kuta area with bars and restaurants with live fish in the tanks and a much greater buzz about the place I wondered why anyone would bother going to Warung Strawberry at all! After wandering around the mall we then had to go through the exercise of negotiating a taxi fare home. We had been ripped off at the airport so are more aware of the intial rates offered. The price went from 200 Rp down to 80Rp but he wasn't happy about it. Unlike the other drivers who like to chat this guy kept silent and put the pedal to the floor. Whilst I have found the slow driving really frustrating here I have now seen the opposite side and it doesn't work. He nearly ran mopeds with adults,children and babies off the road. He tailgated, flashed and beeped his way along roads where it was all bumper to bumper traffic. When we arrived home I gave him 100Rp in the hope it calmed him down for the rest of the evening.

04 Apr 2015

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Warung Strawberry

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