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Warung Spesial Sambal

Warung Spesial Sambal

Buka Sekarang10.00 - 22.00 (Sab)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
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Casual Dining

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Bad Service!!!

There is no good service at all!!! we are repeter guest,specially at Warung SS Panjer,Denpasar. In few days ago,we decided to go to having some lunch at SS Panjer Denpasar. We come at 10.30 am,and we now restauran open at 11am. We waiting as a usual,we are customer number 3 on they waiting list. Finally,we get order on the time at 11.05am,very exited and also very hungry,lol. We wait until 11.40 am,but food not coming yet or even our drink first. At 11.45 we ask for our drink to server,here we go food coming,together with the drinks..but not all the food come. There is only our drink,rice and sambal!!! We ask again,but server no apologies..he just go and no result to our table. Ok,we still waiting until 12pm,we look arround. "How come,other customer whos coming late get the food first than us??? then the server coming again to our table just bring a bowls of water to wash hand and then say nothing!!! We asking again for the last time,where is the rest of our food,why never come to our table?? They just said,the food still in procces. Finally at 12.15 we decided to go,we cancel all our order!!! Very DISSAPOINTED!!!

01 May 2017



Lack of Food Stored

I visited this place a several times while i was on Bali. and it was amazing because when i ordered, I always told that when i ordered, the menu of A was sold out, or the menu B was sold out. it was like they could not keep the stock to matched the demand of the buyer. they also cook really slow like they were cooking a pizza. even when you add some extra order like just a simple water, you need to wait for the other order before you to be finished, then they will deliver your water. one thing that saved this place was only the rice is free flow and the price of the drink was really cheap

12 Mar 2017

Anna L


Amazing balinese food in local setting!

Food was really delicious and well cooked! We had fried chicken thighs with some different sambas and freshly pressed mango juice to drink. Staff was friendly and could speak some English, they also had like a translating menu to English from their Indonesian menu. You get to fill it out yourself which I like, its more interactive and you get a better clue of what to order. I was here with my family but we're all grown up and are open minded. The setting of this restaurant is nothing fancy, but it's usually in those places you find the most delicious and genuine food when traveling in Asia. (Just my experience) This place you could bring kids, no problem just ask the staff to not make the food spicy for them :)

21 Feb 2017

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