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Warung Smiley

Warung Smiley

Buka Sekarang13.00 - 23.00 (Sab)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Seafood, Barat, Indonesia, Sate, Bebek, Babi, Sup, Ikan, Nasi Campur
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Casual Dining

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  • Smoking
  • Parkir
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway

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Highly rate this place

Warung Smiley is all about cheap and tasty food and has an entertainment treat that is popular with the kids and the kids-at-heart. They pick up & drop off which is recommended if you have accommodation in Mendira street as it is a little tucked away from the main strip. The owner and his family are devout family people with their photo plastered on the front of the menu booklet and it is very endearing to see the pride ooze out. The food all had a tasty similarity and I very much liked it but I guess if for some weird reason that sort of taste wasnt for you then it may not go well, but this would be a minority for this class of establishment. We like the indonesian style of food that isnt over-priced and under-delivered, but has a home styled cooking feel to it and this restaurant has this in spades. If you like your music then this is for you - write down & request as many songs as you like and the music video and music blares over a very solid speaker system. We scored a night where we got to request everything! The kids were happy and I can see some nights where this system could really get the entertainment cranking! We really enjoyed the experience and this is locally owned and family run so this would be highly recommended from that point of view alone.

25 Jan 2019



If you're not fussy about food, ambience or style, this is your place

Set as it is right on the road, opposite a power transformer and a hedgerow of weeds, and lined with old furniture, and plastic flower and tablecloths, Warung Smiley is not going to win any beauty contests. Fine. Cheap food is always an attraction that over-rides many of those concerns. When we arrived at 6pm however, we were the only guests and the young waitress disinterestedly offered the small menu, which had precisely zero Vegan options on it. We had been expecting from our reading about the place beforehand to get at least something suitable to eat. But in fact, she had no idea what vegan was and came back after checking, to offer us the Children's Menu. Thank you, but no. We then pressed that vegan was vegetarian, minus any meat products. After checking again, we were told 'no vegan' firmly, and a long pause followed with us staring up at her expectantly. At this point an older lady intervened and explained the usual Nasi Goreng vegetarian was available, but frankly after 3 weeks in Bali, we were pretty much over being force fed Nasi at near-every meal. So, we decided we'd skip the food, and have just cocktails instead. My partner ordered a pineapple Caipirinha, while I plumped for a Margarita. Bali has long had a thing for cocktails, being the tropical island paradise it is and tourists constantly asking for them. Trouble is, most Balinese have never seen a properly made cocktail, except in books, so really have no idea how they should be made or what they should taste like. And so my Margarita arrived in a 1960's old fashioned shallow wide mouthed cocktail glass that your Grandmother might still have at home on her sideboard.Someone had attempted to moisten a packet of salt around the rim, pretty unsuccessfully, and inside were three huge, lonely ice-cubes circling the tiny pool of Arak they found themselves in. Undrinkable of course - but I enjoyed the laugh. I'm sure the owners are lovely people, and we fully support their mission with Trash Heroes Candidasa, which is a terrific program educating the youth of Bali about caring for their Island's future. But given all the 5 Star reviews for this shabby Warung, a bit of common sense and perspective is warranted. There are a mountain of better run, cheap and more attractive options throughout beautiful Candidasa.

19 Jan 2019



A great Cooking Class

If you’re interested in learning to cook like a local be sure to give Smiley a call. My husband and I chose his cooking class after researching a few options and we had a great day. It started with a trip to the Amlapura market to buy fresh vegies and look at all the interesting produce. Smiley was happy to answer any questions and for us to take our time looking around. A short drive back to Warung Smiley where we met his wife (the cooking boss!) and had a lovely welcome drink before starting our lesson. We made 3 dishes from scratch and Smiley’s wife also whipped us up a deep-fried tempeh snack to keep us going as well as cooking some of the weird rice crackers that we had been fascinated by at the market. We made each dish ourselves from scratch with good advice and lots of laughs along the way. We had recipes of each dish to take home and space to make notes if we wanted to. The best thing about the dishes that we made is that will all be easily replicated back home (oh and delicious too). We were only upset that we left the cooking class until our last day, and we didn’t have the chance to come back to Warung Smiley to enjoy some of their other local food. Highly recommended. The cost was 400k per person but there was a service charge on top of that so make sure you bring some extra cash to cover it.

15 Jan 2019

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Warung Smiley

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