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Warung Sate Shinta
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Warung Sate Shinta

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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
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Casual Dining

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Nice Sate Kambing

I tasted sate kambing the best in Bandung trip! Me and my family super exciting to eat here, but unfortanelty serve to long, to hungry for wait :(

11 Nov 2018

Sila B


The Best Meals of my Life - Part IV

The most meaningful lists individuals create, I find to be those that become lists on their own. Not those we make in advance with goals to fulfill but the recognition of patterns after the fact, and seeing how each unexpected addition makes us rejoice anew with a need to share it like a story every chance we get. Until today, my list of best or most memorable meals consisted of three. For years on end I spoke of that goat in the backroom of a bar in Tenerife. Suddenly I added the amazing tomatoes which accompanied the mozzarella I had before my rack of lamb at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City. With a Cuaba Diademas cigar which the bartender lit for me on my first visit to Tokyo, I began telling the story of my best three meals ever. And today, my friend suggested lunch at Bandung’s Warung Sate Shinta. Just before entering the locality, I was impressed by the welcoming picture of the young man preparing skewers with lamb on an open fire. He walked around the table with the fire, fanned it with some form of woven sheet, and I stood there a while, watching him and the smoke that covered him. We entered and sat in the first room - an unusual one. Filled with old large wooden tables and chairs which are clearly hand carved in a somewhat odd form, as if the leg lines have some mystical meaning. Assembled without nails, the tables seem to have had other earlier function than being in a dinning hall. The furniture fills the space but the room seems spacious - sparse, peacefully inviting, large wood pieces everywhere, rustic but organic. It feels as if the space has been abandoned while being kept tidy. I was impressed. A wonderful Jasmin tea in minimal glasses came first, then simple red plates arrived, two with a peanut sauce and two with onions and vegetables on soy-sauce, and a plate with a mid-size portion of white rice. Finally, or so I thought, the skewers with lamb from the fire outside were put on the table - still smoking. The most surprising taste to my palate, though, was a lamb broth with coconut which arrived last. And the tasting feast had begun. I would call it casual but fine dining. Simple but creative presentation, a very fine taste with nothing at all being overpowering - quite the opposite. Gentle but definite notes for eyes and palate. The way I see it, we misuse and misinterpret the idea of luxury much too often. Not far from our table sat a family. They ate simple, as if at home but outside of their home setting, fully aware of the refined food quality inviting them to dwell, but with an air of self-evidence. A regular any day meal. Independent of its industry, a business gets judged based on a three-part concept and I must give Warung Sate Shinta credit on all three. [x]atmosphere [x]product quality [x]service For their unique and soothing atmosphere, their exceptional though simple food quality and their attentive and polite serving staff, I am tempted to put them on top of my list, whenever I tell my story in the future.

02 Oct 2018

helly o


Late lunch with Sate Maranggi

taste good satay maranggi and sop kambing as well as the banaan fritters also taste ok. The resto is next to Aston Hotel Pasteur. Good service and staff. Quite unique place to eat.

23 Jul 2018

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Warung Sate Shinta

Jl. Djundunan no. 164, Bandung Indonesia