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Warung Saika


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Hottest Fish Head Soup

Warung (small shop, stall) Saika is located at the left side of Tuban Street if you were coming from Kuta, close to the statue of Satria Gatot Kaca which stands majestically at the junction of Tuban Street and the street of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. The Warung is small, but clean, selling dishes of Buleleng. The writing of “Fish Head Soup” on the front is eye-catching and caught the attention of passer-by so many of them stop by and try it out. Besides Fish Head Soup, Warung Saika also sell vegetables, fried chicken, fried shrimp, corn cakes, “plecing kangkung” (special cook of kale), fruit juice and other hot drinks. . Limited on space, there are only three tables with 4 seats and a long table stucked on the wall. There is also a small washstand and a large fan mounted quiet high on the wall to expel warm air. No wifi here, perhaps deliberately, thought because of limited seats it is expected that the guests who finished their meal, leaving as soon as possible, giving opportunity to the next starving people to release their misery. . In that day - at the beginning of the rainy January 2013 in Bali, the day was light raining making it comfortable, and perfect for enjoying a hot Fish Head Soup. Along with a glass of hot orange drink, wish it could repel hungry and also resist the cath of cold. . The head fish for the soup is called “Keramuni”, a family of snapper. Each bowl only contain a half of the fish head, cooked with special “Buleleng” spices, hot, literrally, and also because of many of spicy local chilli. The soup, coupled with a plate of rice sprinkled with fried onions and 4 pieces of corn cakes, this is the pleasures of the world that day. It was so delicious, so every meal is depleted – including delicious crispy corn cakes, and at the end just the bones left in the bowl. But the peppery, OMG, it was so hot! Lips and tounge felt burned, but, the entire body felt warm, cozy against the cold because of the rain. Just remember that the soup is cooked by Buleleng people who like chillis verymuch, and they just laugh when we compalin about this. . Totally, it was cost us about 61 KRp (read Krup, Kilo rupiah, thousand rupiahs) or about six bucks and 50 cens. A bowl of Fish Head Soup, price 15 KRp, a medium-size plate of rice, 3 Krp; a big glass of hot orange drink, price 4 KRp; a crispy corn cake, price only 0.5 KRp. As delicous, a bowl of soup was wrapped to take home. . Especially for backpacker tourists visiting Bali, might after enjoy the view of the statue of Satria Gatot Kaca and surrounding, then feel tired, hungry and thirsty, it is recommended to stop by to Warung “Saika”, of which the lady seller says it stand for “Saya Ingin Kaya” (“I Want Rich"). Please, try and enjoy the “hottest” soup at Bali (if you dare). You would be fresh again and continue your tour down to the road towards Kuta, might be tempted to shop at the JOGER outlets stocking that located not so far from Warung Saika.

02 Feb 2013

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Warung Saika

Jalan Tuban No. 23,, Kuta Indonesia