Warung River View
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Warung River View


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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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This dump has a nice view of the river but is dirty, has horrible food and worse service. It's menu is the simplest and the tables and chairs are collapsing.

19 Mar 2018

Johanna G


Don‘t do it

Our horrible food had ants, hair and plastic in it. Service was just as bad as the food. Don’t even think a second about going there!!! Worst place ever!

10 Mar 2018



Nice view. Flies in food.

We were so excited to go back here because my husband loved the food the first time, and it’s the most beautiful place to sit in the daytime. Unreal view. However, second time, I had two large flies in my vegetarian nasi goreng. I’m pretty sure there were 3 and I may have eaten one. I’m pretty easy going (if it was a hair or maybe one small fly I would not have cared or even mentioned it) but I felt sick looking at these dead cooked flies with big eyes and wings. My husband finished his food and I tried to eat a couple more bites. We mentioned it to the staff and they said “oh” and poked at the flies, took the plate and then all went back on their cell phones. We waited a while for the bill and then asked for it. They brought us the full bill for both meals, and we paid it (sadly with no tip aside from the service charge, which made me feel guilty to stiff them but I would have loved an apology or had them remove it from the bill or something). I asked them where the flies came from - they said probably the sauce. They did say sorry on the way out, but still. Feel free to go back in the day for the beautiful view (i actually am not saying not to go here) but only if you’re easy going and don’t mind poor service, and make sure to look for flies in your food first.

21 Jan 2018

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Warung River View

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