Warung Osin
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Warung Osin

Buka Sekarang11.00 - 21.00 (Sen)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Indonesia, Nasi, Mie Goreng
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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  • Parkir
  • Takeaway

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Sorry, but we felt ripped off!

I’m sorry to fly in the face of all the other reviews, but I can’t help but share our disappointing experience at this Warung. This is our second visit to Amed and over the 20 or so days we’ve spent here, we have tried a good number of the local warungs, generally finding them to have delicious food at reasonable prices. It’s one of the reasons (along with the great accommodation and fabulous snorkelling) we made a point of coming back. Unfortunately, our experience at Warung Osin was less than ideal. We ordered their Duck Tutu special one day in advance, as required, without checking the price, for which I accept responsibility. I suppose we were expecting to perhaps pay double the price of a regular dish, so around 80-100k per head. Although the dish was considerably smaller than expected, we are not huge eaters and it was deliciously spiced. We were not, however, prepared for the 280k price tag, with the amount looking like it had been changed (upwards) on the bill. Several other couples had pre-ordered the same dish that evening and I’m confident I overheard one of them mention 220k. I’m not sure if they upped their charge because we only drank water, (having previously drunk a few cocktails elsewhere, we didn’t fancy more alcohol) or because we didn’t haggle a price in advance. We have subsequently had a wonderful meal in a fantastic beach front restaurant nearby (rather than Osin’s cramped, sometimes diesel-fumed Main Street location) where we ordered 3 main dishes, a dessert and 5 cocktails for a similar price as Duck Tutu for two and a bottle of water at Warung Osin. The choice is clear- we’ll never go back, despite it being the closest eatery to our fabulous accommodation!

08 Jul 2018

Markéta U


Delicious food in Amed

I visited this small nice family's warung already many times and the food was always so tasty and delicious. The owners are kindly and nice and they provide really good service. Highly recommend this place. If you're going to Amed you must try their amazing food.

10 Jun 2018



Great food for a very reasonable price

The best Warung in Amed- the food was delicious in this family-run warung. The service was also very pleasant. We would definitely come back!

05 May 2018

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Warung Osin

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