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Warung Oke - Canggu
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Warung Oke - Canggu

Buka Sekarang8.00 - 23.45 (Rab)

Detail Restoran - Warung Oke - Canggu

Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Seafood, Indonesia, Nasi Goreng, Ikan
Tipe Restoran

Info Tambahan

  • Smoking
  • Kursi Roda
  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Takeaway

Ulasan Tentang Warung Oke - Canggu

Mini S


Terrible place

Went to this place with my family from Bogor during Lebaran. As I entered the place I was overwhelmd by the incredible loud, loud music the band was playing. I wanted to turn around but as my family felt it was unpolite to do. We had to shout to the waitress we were with 14 persons and the started to panic. Finaly we were seated and then the ordering started, we could not make ourselves clear do to the loud music and mostly out of tune. It took us half an hour to order our food. While waiting for our food the lead gitarist decided to do a solo....a solo...???? ..in a restaurant...??? After his solo the drummer felt left out and he did a drum solo....😣😥😣😣😣. Music supposed to be at the background in a restaurant but it should not be just another gig for a band. I called the waitress to ask if it was possible to lower the volume of the band so we could have a normal conversation with my family, the girls didn't understand it..I asked for the manager...he wasn't present..probably he had a headache of the music. The food arrived.......it was as bad as the music. I ordered nasi goreng...what can go wrong preparing nasi goreng was my thought....well..go to Warung OK...it looked more like poridge. Some familymembers ordered fried chicken, it looked burned, had no meat on it...mostly skin and bone. They took a few bites from it and left it. Since we felt it was pointless to disguss this, we could not make us hearable due to the loud music, with the waitress we just paid and left.... I have to say when we step into the car we felt how nice it is stepping out of a place with only loud noise what perhaps is called by its management 'music'. One thing I have to admitt is that the food was cheap...very cheap...but so is the place and all entourage..very cheap.

23 Jun 2018



Great atmosphere

Located in canggu and surrounding by rice paddies. With lush garden make the place absolutely stunning and they have live music sometimes.

02 Jun 2018

Sneha V


Nice view

The view is beautiful from the bamboo sitting they have provided. It was breezy and nice but the food wasn't great.

24 May 2018

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Warung Oke - Canggu

Jl. Raya Canggu No. 333x, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia