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Warung Legenda

Warung Legenda


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Asia, Cina, Eropa, Barat
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Casual Dining

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Nice food not crowded

Food was good, but limited selection. Not the best mie goreng i had while in bali though. Many items in the menu was not available, including most desserts. Restaurant was very quiet and we were the only customer for dinner.

22 Jan 2017



Total service disaster, despite a nice looking venue

I feel a little sad offering this bad review, but having just tried Warung Legenda, I feel I must. This is a beautiful and picturesque local restaurant in a nice spot by the river (the river is dirty, but that’s not the fault of the restaurant and the environs are pleasant and leafy) with lovely traditional balinese architecture, and seating areas. It’s not air conditioned but it’s comfy enough with the fans running albeit a bit warm for expats not used to the warm. That’s where the good vibes end. What lets it down however is the service. Friendly staff (who seem like nice people) but they could not get the kitchen and service organised in any sensible fashion and consequently we had a terrible team lunch there. The drinks and food came out from the kitchen drip-feed. The first drink for each of our team arrived one by one over 45 minutes - there we people without a first drink after 45 minutes at the restaurant, and this despite 3 separate waitresses / servers working. We were a table of 25, but there were only 2 other diners in the whole place - it was 60% empty. We booked a day in advance so they knew we were coming. The first food started to come out about 30 mins after we ordered but then dishes arrived one by one for our party over the course of 2 (yes - 2!) hours. There were at least 3 - 4 working in the kitchen, so this also was perplexing. Overall lunch took 2 hours to be served, too many orders to count were forgotten or confused / missed and general confusion reigned. The names of dishes on the menu such as “Legenda Rustafel” were referred to by the wait staff when bringing food as Nasi Campur (and other similar misnomers) - causing total chaos and confusion, people claiming the wrong dishes, people claiming other people’s food, and one of our staff had to wait the full 2hrs before his sweet and sour chicken arrived. The food was good local food, but many dishes were barely warm when they arrived. One staff member had an allergic reaction to fish which (after 3 - 4 people tried it) seemed to be a bit suspect. Truly an awful dining experience and we wont be back. The pricing was reasonable but it’s no compensation - would have been happy to pay twice the price for good service, but the service in this case was awful. We waited 30 minutes for the bill. No exaggeration. Hopefully they can get their act together but we wont be back to find out.

02 Nov 2016




We found this restaurant by chance as it is off the main tourist area however it is the best restaurant we have found in Bali. The setting is excellent,spotlessly clean and the food is good quality at a very reasonable price.The staff are friendly and make you feel at home and their service is second to none. We recommend you make the effort to find the Warung Legenda as we are sure you won't be dissapointed.

08 Aug 2016

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Warung Legenda

Jl. Kresna no. 89, Legian Indonesia