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Warung Layana


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Casual Dining

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Fantastiskt ställe

Tog en promenad till Goa Gajah (Elefant grottan) och hittade detta mysiga ställe efter vägen. Bra priser, trevlig personal och en fantastisk utsikt.

03 Apr 2018



Bad service

It's my first time come to this restaurant, they have a nice view, naturally, i like this place, but someone who work in this place are very jealous, he put the food in my table like he put some food for animal, no smile, no speak anything, just put it and gone, i know the price of food is cheap, but it's not reason to do the bad service.

07 Feb 2018

Fernandi S


Are you selling food? or just view to watch?

I came 2 times to this place, at first I was fascinated with the view that is right in front of the restaurant, then I immediately order food and drink, after waiting so long to come, seriously where you sell food. but why very long service, in the kitchen seen more than 7 staff. at the checkout there are 2 people, and 4 waiters all I think is more than enough. because I am a chef and I know for sure the way and cooking techniques that exist in all your menus. I recommend setting up all bistro-style preparations, saving the presentation time. and faster service is appropriate and standard of taste can be fulfilled somehow because the staff who are still not professional or system in the kitchen that is not right. making service very very long time ago and this is not good and not economical and not profitable. or maybe the staff has been set deliberately made long with certain alsan. in a certain proportion of food volume is also very small. this is not good because it does not make customers satisfied with the order. better prices slightly increased and quality of food quality more attention. or can also increase in terms of adequate kitchen tools so that it can speed up the process of making food in your kitchen. or maybe you need a chef who is reliable, and experienced to manage all the activities in your restaurant?

31 Jan 2018

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Warung Layana

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