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Waroeng Jadul Blangkon

Tutup11.00 - 23.00 (Sen)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Asia, Jawa, Indonesia, Nasi Goreng, Kentang Goreng, Ikan, Mie Goreng, Ayam Goreng
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  • Smoking
  • Parkir
  • Takeaway

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Amazing. The best Miso ever had!!

This is a very late post but I still remember the Miso cooked by Steve, utterly sorry if I have forgotten his name. My wife and I had expressed our taste and he made us an incredibly delicious yummy and extremely large serving mixed sea food miso soup. After a hard day the food was an instant energizer. Please this place and none other if you are around. The owner of this place was a delight to have a conversation with. This place has a genuine warung feel which is difficult to express. *Had a nagging feeling of guilt for not reviewing this place for about an year* PS: This place is extremely light on your pocket!!!!

08 Jan 2018

Wilma G


If Rancid cooking oil is your thing you'll love it

I hate to be the one dissenting voice but this place is awful, woeful, disgusting. We were the only people there - which maybe should have been a give away. Ordering was bizarre, with all 3 of the staff standing there staring at us while one wrote down what we were having. They then went into the kitchen which was basically closed and opened up some plastic containers threw stuff into a wok with rancid cooking oil and then served it to us. Everything tasted the same - of rancid cooking oil. There was no meat to speak of in the Nasi Goreng and the chicken curry was a couple of pieces of mystery meat floating in a broth made with rancid cooking oil and a smelly old sock. I'm flabbergasted that this place gets such great reviews; I'm hoping that the reviewers went to a previous incarnation with different owners perhaps because otherwise it makes no sense. My husband said "This is THE worst meal I have ever been served" Having travelled to every continent and being huge fans of Indonesian food this is quite the proclamation. We ate a mouthful of everything "just in case" and then fled. I've had the runs ever since. Steer clear!!

14 Nov 2017

Vanda E


Great food, great location. Stuff and the owners are very friendly. . I highly recommend this place

Great food, great location. Stuff and the owners are really friendly. I recommend this place for all who wants to experience local, Asian or vegetarian food.

02 Nov 2017

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Waroeng Jadul Blangkon

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