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Warkop Modjok
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Warkop Modjok

3.7 / 5(3)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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Satrio O.


Tempat ngopi dan ngemil yang lucu dan unik, makanan dan minumanya cukup enak serta tempat yang instagramable dan nyaman, enak buat ngopi sore, overall disini recommended lah

24 Sep 2018

Jordan F.


Been around Bandung area due to an office mates ceremony of unification of 2 souls. Yes, the marriage is what i mean. Stumbling across nowhere with friends, doesn't mean we have no time or too much time, so what we got? Coffee time! The devil open the group chat and ting-ting-ting, this name popped out from a colleague whose famz owned this place. If you think about having lunch here, and hang out then such for chitty chatty comfy, look somewhere else. This place is very good for photo spreading but not for food. Nevertheless, the devil came here for the coffee. Taste Like Baileys. I asked the managed person about what makes their coffee distinctive, and without much hesitation, tadaa...this names spoiled out, and since the weather is hot, which i grateful for, got it iced. So ice em boys. The boy (i don't know if he is the coffee master here or what), demonstratively and very expressively show how its done, which i get them more chip. And yes, the scent that struggling back from the beans, released into the air. Which i felt, purely satisfying. The liquor was impeccable. Masterfully tasted like the honored mentioned. If you ever wonder what an irish cream taste like but you are somehow held back because of the alcohol, this liquid has the same old taste of it. Note the name, Warung Modjok. In the end, the money was well spent and worth every penny. But tbh, this is not the best coffee shop in my experience so far. Cannot make it sound sweet, but this is what i think of you. Honorable mention: you might want to get a toilet somewhere else.

14 Apr 2018


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Warkop Modjok

Jl. Pinus Raya no. 73B Perumahan Pondok Hijau Indah, Bandung Indonesia