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Waluma Waroeng

Waluma Waroeng


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Casual Dining

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Good for hangout but not good for dinner

Tempatnya sih cukup strategis, harga makanannya juga ga mahal2 amat, rasa lumayan lah, tapi herannya mau pesan makanan banyak yang ga adanya, lebih baik ga usah dicantumin dimenu aja kali, kalau agak malem lumayan seru sih, ada live music dan bergantian dengan DJ ketika mulai tengah malam, so far sih biasa ajah

26 Feb 2016




Came to this restaurant for a warm gathering with friends. We came around 4pm, and started to order foods. Most of the menu (both foods and beverage) are out of stock ALREADY, most of us have to change from what we initially ordered. The waiter (Hery Saher) then went back and forth informing that everything is sold out even from our second options. Information was changed from time to time, one time it was available, the next thing we know it was not. The reason given, they have not done the grocery yet. After a long waiting time, the waiter came again to inform that the spaghetti which we ordered for 6 portions, is left with only 5 spaghetti, one of which is fettuccini (which he said wasnt available before). The waiter asked us to change one spaghetti dish to other meals. We were stunned, and got silent for a split second, and the waiter said "kalo g mau juga gapapa" (it's okay of you dont want it). Besides this extremely poor service, the outdoor area was hot, humid, and on top of everything, the staffs are not friendly and impolite (and they are a lot). Quite a disappointing experience from a restaurant own by a well-known celebrity.

04 Nov 2015



Cafe in the corner, dimlit, music and youngster

A cafe in the corner of high end shop houses atr Hang Lekir, near Moestopo and Binus International campuses, selling coffess, liquor, pasta, ice cream and ambience. A place for the youngsters to hang out. Waluma, stands for either Warung Lu Makan or Warung Luna Maya, depends on which one brings more imagination. The cafe has rare ice cream flavors, Malaga and Nougatine.

23 Mar 2015

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Waluma Waroeng

Jln. Hang Lekir II no. 4 In front of Beautika, Jakarta 12120 Indonesia