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Wabaru Tsukinofune at Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono
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Wabaru Tsukinofune at Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono

Tutup11.30 - 14.30 (Jum)

Detail Restoran - Wabaru Tsukinofune at Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono

Kisaran Harga
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Jepang, Mie, Ramen, Daging, Ikan, Udang
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • WiFi
  • Kursi Bayi
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Takeaway
  • Terima Reservasi

Ulasan Tentang Wabaru Tsukinofune at Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono



A really poor effort beginning to (thankful) end

Arrived to be told, with some urging, that lunch would be over in 1.5 hours and we should go elsewhere. The outdoor area was empty but we told that the kitchen was short staffed and they could not open it. Insisted on waiting (told would be at least thirty minutes). Waited next door and went back to be told would need to order in advance. Did so. Finally got a table which was unset. No towelettes, no chopsticks... no nothing. Order for drinks haphazard at best. Staff about the VERY WORST FLOOR STAFF I have experienced anywhere- read my reviews I spend 330 days a year eating all over the world. Restaurant was dirty. Glass windows greasy and cleaned to about half way up. The hot kitchen glass smeared and oily. Come on- this is a Japanese restaurant not a warung. Food looked good but was at best average apart from the hot stone which was very good. The beef with bean sprouts aweful- tough as boots. The chicken fatty and inedible. At the end I was praying to get out of the restaurant. Really. Sorry. Never again

11 Sep 2018



Very bad Japanese restaurant in such a nice hotel!

Visited this Japanese restaurant in Veranda Hotel for the first time as we expected it to be very good as Veranda Hotel is such a nice hotel and the other restaurant in the hotel (Wyl’s Kitchen) is just excellent. How wrong we were! This Japanese restaurant was a complete joke! The staff are just weird! Very unhelpful! Negatives: 1. We asked for a baby Chair - the staff told us they don’t have a baby Chair at this restaurant. We told them they have a baby Chair at the restaurant next door. They told us if we want a baby Chair we need to go and ask at the restaurant next door ourselves!!! They would not ask for us. This restaurant is independent of the hotel. Very unhelpful staff!! The managers at this hotel need to do something about this restaurant as this restaurant will put many people off coming to such a nice hotel! 2. Strange staff with no social skills. They are all just weird and unhelpful. 3. Slow service. Our food took forever to come even though it was just us and another table in the restaurant. 4. Full of mosquitos! We all got bitten to death. They don’t provide candles or anything to help with mosquitos. 5. Limited payment options: if you are staying at the hotel you can’t charge it to your room bill as this restaurant is independent of the hotel. We tried to pay using our debit card but we were told they only accept credit card or cash and not debit card!! How strange is that? So you cannot pay with a debit card which has your money ready in the account - it has to be a credit card! So then we had to pay cash as we do not have a credit card. But even when we paid cash they did not have change to give back to us so the cashier ran back in the kitchen to collect small change from all the staff in order to be able to give us our 20,000 Rupiah (£1.20) change back all in small change!!! This restaurant is a complete joke! There was no way we would have left any extra money because of their appalling service. 6. Very bad food. Everything we ordered was very bad. The eggplants were not ripe so they were hard and tasteless. The beef dishes were just full of fat rather than meat. The garlic prawns were just so hard and crispy that we were not able to cut into them. 7. We ordered one Sake by vessel 150mls at 120,000 Rp as stated on the menu. But then we were told they can only give us Sake at 230,000 Rp which is twice the cost so we had to leave it. We tried ordering Sapporo beer instead but it was out of stock! Useless! Positives: 1. Its a very big restaurant with a lot of space so we could easily take our baby pram inside and has step-free access. NO OTHER POSITIVE POINTS. NEVER AGAIN! Such a shame that such a nice hotel has this appalling restaurant with such strange staff.

20 Feb 2018



Good foods but pricey ...

We had dinner here and ordered sushi moriawase, Tsuki No salad (green salad), salmon cheese (we missed this picture), saba shioyaki (grilled mackerel), surume ika ichiya-boshi (grilled squid), and kinoko-butter soup udon (udon with mushrooms). In general, the foods were good, though it was pricey (as in other Japanese full dining places). The portion of udon, particularly, was too big for one person. The service was a bit slow as well. If you have a rather deep pocket, this restaurant could one option.

17 Feb 2018

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Wabaru Tsukinofune at Veranda Hotel Pakubuwono

Veranda Hotel At Pakubuwono, Jl. Kyai Maja No. 63, Jakarta, Indonesia