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Casual Dining

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One of the better hang-out spots within the shopping complex

Velpa is a contemporary restaurant and bar located inside the Gandaria City shopping complex in South Jakarta. What makes this place better than other similar venues in the same mall is that the location and setting is secluded and closed so patrons will be able to enjoy their time there without any disturbance from the passers-by like restaurants in a shopping mall usually has. Indeed, this makes the place a perfect option for a business other private meetings. The atmosphere and ambiance is great. Either you sit in the bar or having tables is equally as good and convenient, as the interior is apparently designed for you to feel. They also have their own in-house DJ that will play you some chilling lounge entertainment every night until its closing time. They have some great cocktail-inventions, choose the one called "Toblerone" if I may suggest. And some of their mocktails are good and refreshing too. They also have some considerable wine collections that would provide great complement to your dinner. The foods in their menu, however, could be better in my opinion. As Indonesian with Indonesians tongue longing for strong and rich flavors, their foods taste a bit too, if i can put it this way, shy. It's not that tasteless, yet not strong enough either. Another minus point is that they only serve beers in bottles while I am a big fan of draughts.

10 Jul 2011

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Gandaria City, Main Street, Unit M-G43 Jl. Syafii Hadzami no. 8, Jakarta Indonesia