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Monkey Forest
Buka Sekarang08.00 - 23.00 (Min)

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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Asia, Eropa, Mediterania
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Casual Dining

Ulasan Tentang Tutmak



Avoid The Salad.

Having avoided Tutmak restaurant for a few years after a bad experience I decided to give it another go, as it used to be one of my favourite restaurants in Ubud. Unfortunately the quality of the food and the service has not improved. I first went for breakfast and ordered the middle-eastern breakfast which included fresh arugula and when eating I experienced the food to be gritty. Upon examination I found the bottom of the arugula leaves were covered in earth and some even contained insect webs so they had not been washed, which could pose a serious health risk especially in a tropical environment. Needless to say I avoided the rest of the salad. The following week I returned for a lunch of fish and chips, which included side salad. After my previous experience I told them I did not want the salad and asked if I could substitute it for cooked vegetables but was told this would be too expensive so I was just served the fish and chips. I did notice that even though it would be too expensive for them to serve me vegetables there was no reduction in price for the removal of the salad. All in all I did not have pleasant experiences with the food being of poor standard and the staff being unhelpful so I will not be returning. Thankfully Ubud has many wonderful restaurants that I can choose from so Tutmak’s will not be a miss.

27 Jan 2019



Surprisingly Good

I have partaken of many a cleansing ale here, usually on my way through to Jalan Gootama (Goutama) and the myriad restaurants and warungs there. Up the stairs for a bit of a birdseye view of the street below, whilst enjoying a refreshingly cold Bintang or two. Tonight somehow, why I don't know, I found myself lingering after a few icy cold beers. Almost loitering with intent, seemingly unable (unwilling ?) to leave. For some strange, inexplicable reason I felt almost compelled to stay and finally order some food. Well, talk about a serendipitous discovery. Ordered the Nasi Campur and it was, without fear of contradiction, just sublime. A riot of taste on a plate. This is a most humble Balinese dish but when made with care, love and due diligence, like this one was, it is just without peer, divine. A most fortuitious discovery. I shall return in the very foreseeable future to check that this was not just a one off.

25 Jan 2019



Average with above average prices

Had the quesadilla, husband had noodles w/ chicken (PadThai). While good, meal w/ 2 BinTangs was as more than prior night's dinner. 217200 IR.Service was indifferent by male waiter.. So much 4 LPlanet recommends😞. Maybe picked wrong meal?

13 Jan 2019

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