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Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara
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Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara

3.5 / 5(2)
Tutup11.00 - 22.00 (Rab)

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Casual Dining

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Dissapointed to the max

I visited this resto with my son who craved for noodle and katsu. I ordered ramen chicken katsu and expected a portion that looks like whats pictured in the menu. I am quite shocked to see what i got. The chicken katsu is barely a whole fillet, only three to four tiny slices, and it was super duper thin. Hardly any meat left. Total dissapointment. Wayyyy different than whats in the menu (a whole fillet looking gorgeously crisp of course). I know some fast food chain also have this differences. BUT this is not a fast food resto, and the ramen chicken katsu cost 60.000 rups which is considered premium price.

22 Jun 2017



Rich broth

We've been wanting to try Bankara Ramen for quite some time already and we finally did last weekend. The interior was nice. There were wooden blinds to separate each table and paintings of Japanese characters to give you that Japanese ramen house feel. We ordered Bankara and Miso Ramen. One thing we noticed was that the ramen's broth was so rich and you have more than enough noodles to enjoy. We only wished that there was another slice of that tasty pork belly and a piece of humble soft-boiled egg. You could order those "extra" items if you want but it sure won't hurt if it comes with your main order.

05 Apr 2017



There is good reason why this place is empty during lunch. Absolutely horrid.

I was lured into this restaurant by its name and decent-looking decor. Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen, it's bound to be at least decent, right? No. Absolutely not. The restaurant was essentially empty during lunch when locals have flocked to other restaurants in the mall. Another ramen restaurant in the same mall, which I didn't not have the chance to dine at, had a queue outside despite much more cramped seating. Obviously a sign of people voting with their wallets. How was the food, then? I ordered the Kakuni Bankara Ramen, some gyoza and an Ajitsuke Tamago (marinated soft boiled egg). All three were disastrous. The broth was salty and oily but lacked any depth of flavour. The kakuni was extremely leathery yet rather bland. The ramen itself, slightly overcooked. The gyoza wasn't much better. Its only merit was that it was hot. The supposedly somewhat crunchy side of the gyoza was anything but. Just have a look at the photo and you can guess how bad it was. The tamago was worse. As the photo shows, the egg was a combination of being overcooked and perhaps over-marinated. The outside of the white was rubbery, the yolk was chewy and sticky and it wasn't even properly split. My lesson learnt? Always wait till the locals start showing up before deciding on which restaurant to have lunch at!

13 Feb 2017

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Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara

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