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Toko Sidodadi

Asia Afrika

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
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The homemade bakery, old receipt

If you visit downtown Bandung,, alun alun, asia afrika street, pasar baru market you must visit this bread store.. because it nears with this shop. I love the bread here. The taste is different with modern bakery such as breadtalk etc. The bread have smooth texture, but it makes me full. I think it's because it doesn't use much modern indignant,just old receipts My favorite bread here is Beef meatball bread.( but don't ever think you will find the meatball in round shapes ) But sadly the waiters' service is not too good, so if you visit here, makes sure it around 2 o'clock or you will find the bread is sold out. you have to active ask the waiters pick your chosen bread, or you will ended with no serve :) the price is cheap, so don't afraid to buy the bread in sum amount :)

18 Sep 2017

Dewi R


Cheap traditional bakery

The bakery sell breads and traditional cakes / snacks. The bakery itself is a bit dark once you get inside and might not be recognized instantly from the outside. But the prices are cheap and definitely a place to visit. Make sure that you come early to the bakery if you want something in mind from this particular bakery (since we got there in late afternoon, most of the cakes / breads / snacks are sold out).

17 Jun 2017



Old is gold

And old time bakery... But the breads is so tasty. My favorite is "Pisang molen", banana rolled in pastry sheets and filled with either chocolate or cheese. It's really good, I could eat three box of Pisang molen by myself. As far as i know, they only sell Pisang Molen on sundays.

14 Nov 2016

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Toko Sidodadi

Jln. Otto Iskandardinata No. 255, Bandung 40251 Indonesia