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The Melting Pot Bar & Resto

The Melting Pot Bar & Resto

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Casual Dining

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Ferry P


beer and talking

wow amazing once this place, I love it. But sometimes I'm afraid to place nightclub because if you drink beer or martel and the like, the next day I had a headache or something called hangover, job messy and unfocused work because of headache. But fortunately the time a brother I went to Okinana Japan, he give me a pill whose name Ryukyu Shugo Densetsu, it is a pill hangover from Okinawa Japan, the basic ingredients that turmeric of Okinawa Japan and all the herbs no preservatives, chemicals and dye. First of all I do not believe this pills, but when I try to wow amazing, my HEADACHE is really lost at all the next day, highly recomended, how to use easy to drink only after they finished drinking beer, then the next day you will not be a headache if you are keen to try and find out the info can contact this number CP: 0878-7530-3038 This item already exists in many countries and has passed the test of GMP in Okinawa Japan and the first in Indonesia. NO MORE HANGOVER WITH SHUGO DENSETSU

02 Jul 2016



try something new

even the process cooking little bit complicated, and taste tolerable, the portion small, the good thing here is the services, they make a option for a sold out menu, thats good :)

02 Jan 2016

Reynard H


Beer and duck.....

Beer selection is decent for a standard at a Jakarta housing-complex cafe. Service is good. An OK joint to drink beer. Good value for money. Tried few dishes and nothing stands out except the duck dish. I had a fried "local" fried duck with Indonesian Menado chilli sauce called rica-rica. The chilli is really hot and bursting with flavour. That"s plus 1. But what gives the star-billing is the duck. Succulent, still full-of-texture, umami-ish sweetness and saltiness of the meat takes it to the next level. This is a very good fried duck dish to me! I am surprises that no one picked this up yet. This is worth trying. See if anyone else agrees with me.

21 May 2015

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The Melting Pot Bar & Resto

Jln. Pantai Indah Rukan Cordoba, Blok F - 9 - 10, Jakarta 14420 Indonesia