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The Droids Burger n Hotdogs

Tutup11.00 - 19.00 (Min)

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Casual Dining

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Bernard G


Great Dawgs!

Make no mistake - this is a cheap, no-frills cafe-style burger and dogs joint. It's tucked in a quiet corner of Tebet, East Jakarta. It doesn't accept anything but cash. It's operation hours are kind of flexible. It only has five items on the menu, but when you specialize you can get really good at it. And it caters events. These are the best Chicago-style dawgs I've found in Jakarta! Soft, steamed buns, large grilled brats, loaded with cheese, mayonnaise, and you can add extra of anything they have sitting around. I love the Cheezy Dawg with loads of extra onions. Having grown up on James' Coney Island in Houston, Texas, I expect a good dawg to not only fill you up, but to make you feel like you need a bath afterwards. I long for lots of toppings that run all over my hands while I eat and require a spoon to get every last savory drop out of the plastic-basket-with-wax-paper plate. The interior is just a covered forecourt with three chrome 50s-diner tables and one bench-style family picnic table. The kitchen set-up is a push cart and flame grill that look decidedly temporary. But hey! You can park for free right at the door and there are no obstacles for wheelchairs or other mobility devices. If you are looking for a cheap, easy meal (backpackers take note) that is deeply satisfying and could almost be set in a Chicago neighborhood dive, this is it! I haven't tried the burgers yet, because I can find those anywhere. Real DAWGS are a rare treat. I've had both the Chilli Dawg and the Cheezy Dawg, both of which set my in a state of ecstasy. I added heaps of extra, thinly-sliced onions, too. The price is IDR20,000 each, though one was plenty, even for my appetite. Take-out comes one dawg to a plastic clam-shell package, great for working lunches at the office. If I were consulting on how to take this business to the next level, I would add poppy seed buns and a selection of beer (hint hint). Pickle relish, saurkraut and spicy brown mustard dawgs wouldn't hurt, either. Not every meal is an occasion, and for a cheap gut-bomb bursting with flavor and no-frills in-out dining, this is a hidden treasure.

20 Mar 2018

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The Droids Burger n Hotdogs

Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam VII no. 20, Jakarta 12810 Indonesia