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Takigawa Pacific Place


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Disappointing sushi. It wasn't cut right nor was it fresh. Wasabi was just like green mud, dry and vapid. Everything felt quite stale. Don't sell beer or sake. Thank goodness for the spicy noodles or we'd have gone home completely hungry

19 Jul 2016



우동, 라멘 맛있는 일식집

Pacific Place 5층에 위치한 일식집. 다른 곳보다는 손님이 좀 적어서 맛없어서 그러나 걱정했는데, 맛 괜찮았습니다. 가격도 적당하구요 (우동 약 60~70 ribu) 단, 교자(만두)를 시켰는데, 이건 속이 좀 많이 짰음..

03 Jun 2016




On 8th September 2014, my friends and I went to Takigawa Japanese Resto for lunch. This restaurant is located on the 5th floor of Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta. We ordered a seafood shabu–shabu, which in simpler term means, a hotpot where condiments are dipped in simmering stock to cook in seconds. We also ordered eel sushi and chicken katsu. My friends commented that the tables and chairs looked tired but we couldn’t care less as we were very hungry. First came the hotpot with stock which we thought was water as it was extremely thin. The condiments came next. There were some vegetables and among them was the cabbage. It was a real disappointment as it was old and laced with black rims. Next came the chicken katsu and eel sushi. The chicken katsu was nice and fresh. It was the eel sushi that proved to be the final straw. Instead of a lean piece of eel meat (as the menu picture book promised) it was an elegant piece of fat sitting snugly on top of the sushi. And since there were 4 pieces of sushi per plate, so there were actually 4 pieces of fat garnishing the sushi. When I called one of the waiter and pointed out that it was fat instead of eel, he just nodded his head in acknowledgement of the fat and walked away. Oh well, maybe it was just one of those days!

16 Sep 2014

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Takigawa Pacific Place

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Gedung One Pacific Place lot 3-5 SCBD, Jakarta Indonesia