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Surya Cafe

Surya Cafe


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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
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Casual Dining

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Lunch at Cafe Surya Uluwatu Bali

Fantastic location underneath the vibey Single Fin at Uluwatu. Great view of surf break...pleasant decor and the menu looked good. But the older lady (owner??) is to be avoided at all costs!! Warning! Warning!! This lady is ill tempered and irrational. Prior to serving my party of 5 gathering for my birthday luncheon, I heard her "telling off" 2 polite young men who looked confused as to why they were being growled at. My party then ordered drinks and as she was recording our order I could see she had perhaps misinterpreted and had omitted to record one so I politely tried to reiterate the correct order. She waved me away, mumbling something in a hostile tone so I thought perhaps I had got it wrong. But when the drinks came out we were one short (as I suspected) so I gently and very politely brought her attention to it. Well- you would have thought I had just poo'd on her floor!!!! She started growling at me savagely telling me I should have ordered it before...blah, blah, blah. This wasn't just a case of misinterpretation due to language barriers, this lady loves the fight!! She is rude, seems to hate her patrons....perhaps she is jaded and worn out...maybe she has dementia? I don't know. I just know that at Cafe Surya in Uluwatu I experienced the worst service in my 4 visits to Bali. Normally the people are delightful and so lovely to deal with. This lady is unbelievable. Avoid this place...there's another Warung with a great view another level down.

24 Oct 2018

Axelle D


Don't go there!

We are arrived here because of the view and this is the only good things oh and the large Bintang is normal price. No welcoming, the guy (for me it's not a waiter) don't ask if we want to eat or not we take by ourself the menu, when it take the order he was no kind don't ask if we want a drink. Don't remember the order. And the worst, I find a hair in my food and the old women spat at everyone! OMG WTF!

24 May 2017

André S


Not a great experience

Came here to have a dinner with the family. Bad service, bad food, only good thing was the view.....

30 Dec 2016

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Surya Cafe

Jl. Labuansait, Uluwatu Indonesia