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Sri Gangga Cafe Jimbaran

Sri Gangga Cafe Jimbaran

Tutup8.00 - 20.15 (Rab)

Detail Restoran - Sri Gangga Cafe Jimbaran

Kisaran Harga
$$$$ • Di atas Rp500.000/orang
Asia, Seafood
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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One of the Worst and Most Expensive Meals I've Ever Had in Bali

A regular visitor to Bali and having only been to Jimbaran once before we decided it was time to hit Jimbaran for one of their famous seafood meals. Firstly, I must admit that I have been to Bali often enough that I should never have chosen a restaurant recommended to us by our driver on the day, as this one was. It never works out well. We had a couple of Bintangs and they were fine, although not particularly cold (but that's nothing unusual for many restaurants in Bali). We went out the back to choose our meals. I decided on a snapper and my wife some king prawns. We both had the garlic and butter sauce. The prawns tasted as prawns do, but were dry and rubbery. I have never had a fish presented like mine was. It was cooked (actually overcooked) and looked liked someone got an knife and just randomly cut it in pieces. It was hard work to get what little dry meat there was off the fish. To be honest, we're not sure that the food we were given was the food that we selected. We also ordered a serve of fries and they were fine, but 65,000 ++ for a side of fries is just having a lend of us. The restaurant was old and the toilets average. So a very average experience cost over $100AUD for 2. I know that the good people of Bali are just trying to make a living and I don't like leaving bad reviews for this reason, but this experience was just wrong. If I'm ever in need of a fresh seafood meal in Bali again I will stay away from Jimbaran and revert back to the reliable and very competitively priced Jack Fish in Sanur.

08 Nov 2018

Michael F


Good seafood

When there before we head back to our country. The serve was fast. They give u to choose live seafood and choose spicy or not. The food was great the weather near the best was nice. But it's quite expensive if u on budget. So if u got money to spend I would recommend u this place.

26 Oct 2018



Horrible and disappointing

We only came to this restaurant (I use that term very loosely in the case) because the tour guide we had after going to Uluwatu Temple brought us here. We were quickly ushered to our seats (we did have a pretty good view of the sunset) and were quickly given our menus. After ordering drinks (pretty average drinks ) we waited around a long time before we tried to catch a waiters eye to order. Finally, after catching a waiter’s eye we were told we could only order inside and order drinks outside. Okay. No one told us that earlier but that’s okay. We waited a while for our food to arrive. During that time we had ordered two drinks, but still no one bothered to clear our table. While we were still waiting there were a group of four guests at the table beside us. About three waiters were gathered around their table having a good old chat. Finally our food arrived (in bits and bobs), but no plates, cutlery or napkins. The waiter said she would be right back. About 2 minutes later she arrived back with plates. The food was pretty average, the prawns were over cooked and the lobster was pretty tasteless. The snapper was pretty good though. Oh did I mention that they didn’t give out proper napkins? Just tissues from a a box on the table that just fell apart in your hands. We looked around us after eating noticing that a fruit platter was given to each patron (plus it was written in the menu). So we waited... and waited...and waited. Still no sign of anyone even asking us if we enjoyed our food. It was then that I went to the bathroom. Wow! Sure wish I hadn’t. Water all over the floor (well, I’m guessing it was water) and just incredibly dirty!! That was the final straw for me. From that we got up from our table and went to pay. Fruit platter or not, we were out of there! The bill was pretty expensive for the type of service (lack thereof) and the food. The best part of the evening (not even the sunset really) was the cat we befriended who we named Jim (Jimbaran) who we decided needed some fattening up so we fed him most of our meal (yes we are crazy cat people). So all in all, avoid like crazy!!! It’s not worth it!!

04 Oct 2018

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