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Soupanova Eco Sky

Soupanova Eco Sky

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Asia, Jerman, Barat
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Bernadette R



I came here..i ordered radler..sold out..and then she explained that they don't have any kind of beer..ok,,i ordered illusion..SOLD OUT!! Skip to the main course..no bbq ribs,,only few item from about 30 menus..not reccomended..thanks for everything

31 May 2016

Cindy V


"Almost" become my fav place in TB Simatupang

Came here with my husband and daughter to have our very late lunch. Although my expectation was quite high to this place, but I wasn't really disappointed at first time I got there. Kinda like the environment, unique concept they offered, some rustic furniture and quite a good food. And it seems that it has become a favorite place for some youth around, cause its already quite crowded when we arrived there at about 4 PM.. But our experience become not really satisfying after this, so we called "French fries drama". After about 5 minutes we ordered our main course, we made additional ordered for our 2 years daughter, a really simple meal to be made which is french fries. Thus we expected to be able to enjoy our meal together. But what happened was, the french fries had not appeared until me n my husband almost finished our meal. Since we were in a hurry, we decided to ask the waiter to check on our french fries and if it had not been fried, we wanted to cancel it. But instead of letting me know the "status" of the fries, they just made me had to wait for another 10 min without giving me any words. Then I had to asked them twice to cancel the order and asked them for the bill, then they just gave me the same answer "Ok, just wait for a second". And what they brought me after all that, "The FRENCH FRIES" by only telling us "Ya sorry, cause they already fried this for you guys"..and that was after, me and my husband finished our meal. Since we didnt want to make things more complicated, we just ask them to take away that fries and once again asked them for the bill. If only they told me since first time I asked them about the fries, maybe I could accept that, but if they gave to me that way, I wont give this place another visit for sure! Sorry but I think they had to optimize their service cause the place for us is already nice but unfortunately not supported by great service team.

29 May 2016

Gerhard N


A 360 degree disappointment – please don’t confuse this with German!

When we entered the restaurant the band was noisily playing music, the furniture looked run down and not retro style, although it was dark and maybe we didn’t see well enough. As it had rained and the restaurant is semi open the air was humid and warm, if not sticky. As the restaurant is on a roof top the sight-seeing was the only really pleasant exercise. OK, you can discuss taste and liking for an eternity, however to call the dishes on the menu German food is very brave. The pork sausages were not available or out of stock, and this is not typical for a so called German eatery. The pork chop came with gravy of indefinable taste. May be they use it for five different dishes which then taste all the same, but not German. The waiters tried hard to be of service but obviously lacked the skills to do so. The DJ though was skillfully filling the band’s music breaks with even louder music through bad loudspeakers. This forced our talks and discussion into a yelling kind of conversation. It was our mood anyway. If the prices would have been those of a warung you could not have complaint as much. But they charge restaurant prices you would expect in downtown. So, you better go there.

25 May 2016

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Soupanova Eco Sky

GKM Green Tower, Roof Top 23rd Floor, Kav 89G, TB Simatupang 23rd Floor Jalan TB Simatupang Kavling 89G Jalan TB Simatupang, Jakarta 12520 Indonesia