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Soto Po

Soto Po

Tutup10.00 - 22.00 (Kam)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Indonesia, Soto, Nasi, Jajanan Pasar
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Casual Dining

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  • Smoking
  • Takeaway

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Since 1946!

Let's learn a bit about Indonesian history. Indonesia gained its independence on the 17th of August 1945, which was 73 years ago. Soto Po (Po's Soup), one of my favourite restaurants in Bandung has been around since 1946. This restaurant is now managed by the son of the original owner, Liok Eng Kwong. The name derived from the created of Soto Po, Liok Tjin Po. It started as a restaurant inside a market called Pasar Baru. My whole family used to visit Soto Po a lot, and our relatives from other cities in Indonesia love to gather here for a quick lunch or afternoon meal. What makes Soto Po super special is the broth and the flavour of their beef soup. Honestly, I could finish two bowls of rice with soup or noodle soup by myself. It's that delicious! Located in Pajajaran Street, a lot of university students and family attend the restaurant on a regular basis. Not only they love the food here, but the price of each dish is also really friendly for the wallet. One of the best ways to eat the Soto is to have crackers on the side. You can dip it into the soup or just eat it with a spoonful of rice and soup. Before you pay for your meal, don't forget to order a bowl of Shanghai Ice. It's drizzled with condensed milk and has hidden grass jellies, pineapples, coconut underneath the mountain of shaved ice. Last time we visited, the owner of the restaurant is unsure whether the business will still be there for the next 10 years. Similar to what's happening in Singapore at the moment, not many young people in Indonesia want to take over their families' restaurant business. It is understandable, but I still hope that Soto Po will still be around for a very long time.

09 Sep 2018



Soto Khas Bandung

Soto khas bandung denga kuah bening dan lobak yang banyak. Kuahnya sangat segar dan dagingnya yang empuk. Recomend banget, apalagi ditambah denga es shanghai nya, nyam ...nyam

26 Mar 2018



soto mie yang mantap

soto yang satu ini enak banget, ada salah satu menu lain disini yaitu otak otak goreng yang bisa dibawa pulang atau di bekukan buat digoreng dirumah sebagai oleh oleh.

08 Mar 2018

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Soto Po

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