Secret Recipe - Cilandak Town Square (Citos)

Secret Recipe - Cilandak Town Square (Citos)

Cilandak Town Square (Citos)
Buka Sekarang10.00 - 22.00 (Rab)

Detail Restoran - Secret Recipe - Cilandak Town Square (Citos)

Kisaran Harga
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Asia, Barat, Pasta, Kue, Laksa
Batasan Makanan
Sedia Makanan Halal
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • WiFi
  • Kursi Roda
  • Kursi Bayi
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Takeaway

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No longer a secret

After a lengthy absence I revisited an old friend called Cilandak Town Square, popularly known as Citos. A semi-open-plan collection of coffee shops and eateries with an attached supermarket and various knick-knack stalls. I arrived a little after 4pm having been delayed by more than normal heavy traffic between the toll gate exit and the Citos entrance. Even at this time Citos was already teeming with activity. The whole place seemed to be swaddled in plaid colours of incumbent Jakarta governor Mr.‘Ahok’. His adoring public was congregating on mass for a Betawi version of a knees-up. The throng of Ahok admirers later morphed into the social media phenomena called a ‘FlashMob’, hence noise and general enthusiasm was on the increase as time pushed on. With the heaving mass, loud music and party atmosphere, choosing a place to sit and eat became an adventure. Like food pilgrims looking for a place to park ourselves and eat, my companion and I were turned away at all the cafés on the ground floor. All full-up or reserved. We eventually found a stable/eatery on the first floor called ‘Secret Recipe’. Though the place seemed full, the friendly staff coerced a couple of diners to shift their scattered belongings from the three tables they had sequestered and budge-up! And with a “ma’af yah” we squeezed in. The menu is an intriguing selection of pasta, chicken dishes and something they call ‘Asian Classic’. Jumping out at us in this section was the Singapore Laksa. It was described as a deliciously fragrant Singapore Laksa with a freshly ground in-house creation of shrimp paste, galangal, chillies and polygonum leaves. The spicy broth is cooked in fresh milk, rather than the standard coconut milk and is served with noodles and king prawns (two medium sized prawns and one head to be precise). I finished my bowl rather quickly. Luckily on this occasion they had a promotion of ‘buy two get one free’ so I had and extra one to take away and enjoy all over again at home. I must confess that I enjoyed the Secret Recipe version of the Singapore Laksa and I’m glad I discovered it. It is a secret no more!

10 Jan 2017



Good Restaurant

I was invited to eat here by a friend. It serves standard menu of Secret Recipee outlet. Generally the food was good. The ambience is nice and the service just average.

23 Jun 2016




Pelayanan yang buruk, saya dan teman berencana buka puasa di sini. Kami sudah reserve jam setengah 5 dan bayar dp. Kami pergi sebentar untuk melihat bazar di lantai dasar, menjelang maghrib kami kembali namun tempat yang kami reserve sudah ditempati orang lain dan kami dipindahkan di tempat yang sangat tidak nyaman. Kami complain tetapi pihak manajemen hanya menganggap lalu saja. Sangat mengesalkan, setelah makan kurang dari 15 menit, pelayan menghampiri kami untuk mengambil piring padahal kami sedang istirahat sejenak untuk mengobrol tp seolah olah mengusir. Kesal, kami bayar dan langsung pergi. Pengalaman terburuk di dari beberapa cabang secret recipe yang pernah saya kunjungi.

22 Jun 2016

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Secret Recipe - Cilandak Town Square (Citos)

Cilandak Town Square, Lantai Ground, Jl. T.B. Simatupang, Jakarta, Indonesia