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SANAK Masakan Padang

Buka Sekarang10.30 - 00.00 (Sen)

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Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Padang, Rendang, Gulai
Batasan Makanan
Sedia Makanan Halal
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • Smoking
  • Parkir
  • Takeaway

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My favorite warung in Ubud

When I stayed in Ubud I always bought my nasi campur to go here for 19k. And believe me you are full!! In Europe you can't even have a happy meal for that price. I never eat there but it's also possible. Good to know that it's a Halal warung. A

15 Nov 2016



Beautiful Padang Food

We have been eating here for some time now and every visit to Ubud means that we will end up here for a few meals during our stay. The padang style of eating isn't going to be everyones first choice but if you're seeking good food on the cheap then this style of food is for you. Take it from me, we're not backpackers and not trying to constantly eat on the cheap but we certainly know good food. My partner is Indonesian living in Ubud and I am a westerner visiting when I can. I love spicy food and especially a good hot sambal. My first experience of padang food was in Kuta and I was pretty ill after it so I was reluctant to have another try, but, as my friend was working in Sanak and I planned to visit him it was a natural decision to have another try of padang food (especially as my partner was keen to eat). Well, I have never looked back and always enjoy eating here. We have different preferences as my partner is vegetarian and I'm not but at Sanak you get the best of both worlds! The food is excellent 90% of the time, 10% is when things have been slow and re-issued the next day as it is usually extremely salty. People are usually concerned with the hygeine etc but I can honestly say that I have never been ill here, any tummy troubles are usually because I like a lot of sambal (and I mean a LOT of sambal). Over the last year it has become very apparent that a lot of westerners are hearing about Sanak and having a go.......then returning again and again. I thought it was going to remain our little secret as I mostly try to avoid places chock full of westerners. The staff are friendly and polite, serve well and some have pretty good english.......but remember that you're in Indonesia and so you're not going to get a running vocabulary about the finer points of what you are planning to eat. Usually some of the guys play a flute in the background which is quite pleasant. The restaurant is usually quite busy with people getting takeaway meals so there's a stream of people in and out. Let's face it, the food by western standards is extremely cheap and we will have large meals (much to the amusement of the staff) as it's like an Indonesian buffet where your eyes are bigger than your belly. We love it here and it would take something pretty drastic for us to not return for more. The secret is out, padang food at Sanak is fantastic.

06 Nov 2016

Lai S



Udah beberapa kali makan di sini,harganya murah,tapi enak sekali,saya suka sambalnya.nasi padang sini menawarkan sistem pesan,pilih apa yang kamu pingin,tapi saya tahu ada cara penyajian hidangan,mau coba,tapi mana ada di Bali?had been here many times,nasi padang is a famous cuisine in Indonesia,there is a lot of food ready for you to pick,just pick what you want, think that it is a kind of nasi campur,but heard that in Padang,it is different, It is an at-your-table, by-the-plate take and pay for only what you have consume.might try next time,maybe not in Bali?anyway,Sanak is an ideal place for budget traveller,not only cheap,but tasty!

22 Oct 2016

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SANAK Masakan Padang

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