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Samy's Curry

Samy's Curry

Buka Sekarang10.00 - 22.00 (Kam)

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Casual Dining

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a reprieve for the vegetarians

i tried the jl samanhudi branch. we came to know about this option after reading their signage driving from PASAR BAHRU to RED TP hotel in Jl penchenongan. we normally do not miss curries for four or five days but the vegetarian options for the usual vegetarians are fried mixed vegetable, fried rice or fried noodles and taste is so similar that monotony pushes you to look for options. we found that staff very friendly and welcoming and this branch does not appear to be heavily patronised. on both the occasions that we dined there we were served good food. the THALI, a complete meal with a little dessert was an extremely good deal. the dosais and the prathas ( made on site ) were fluffy and nicely done. the curries and rasam were excellent. good place to try if you are tired of daily dose of the above kind of fare that is usually offered as a vegetarian option.

01 Sep 2013



Very poor service

It was my 2nd to be here, thy food was ok. Came her wih family for breakfasting and ordered our foods 30 minutes before breakfasting time.as we were the 3rd guest who came before breakfasting. Surprisingly we were served the last, asked the waitress whybit took so long and the answered from her was shocking us "I have not breakfasting my self". and yet the food had not arrived for another 30 mnts. 1 indian from the kitchen look out, and stared at us as if he's challenging us. all the other guest who arrived after us had alreadybgot their food except our table. Would not come back to this restaurant for sure. FYI, the restaraunt that we visited was the one in Setiabudi Building.

04 Aug 2013



Delicious Indian Food that must try

When i have been in Singapore, my auntie suggest me to try indian food near her apartment and i do love it. So when i saw a meal voucher of Sammy's curry, i was curios and want to try it. I read some review, and it told very good, so i bought the voucher. I and my family eat at Sammy's curry Pasific Place. The place is very clean. They provide wifi here, We come so early so we need to wait until the food is ready. Our order are: -briyani rice -masala chicken - ice tea -plain prata -papadum The portion of the meal is not too much not too less. The taste are delicious. We love it. I love briani rice, masala chicken, but i love papadum most. The price are reasonable.

02 Jul 2013

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Samy's Curry

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