Rumah Makan Garuda

Rumah Makan Garuda

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Casual Dining

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Padang Cuisine

The best place in Jakarta for authentic padang cuisine. Popular with the locals and spacious dining area with wide selection of dishes.

27 Feb 2018




I have been there two times, food is extremely tasty. Small plates, brought to the table. Eat what you want, pay what you eat. I love Sumatra food.

24 Nov 2017

Cindy G


Very average at best!

Upon entering the enclosed, air-conditioned premise, we were shocked to find people smoking. We were told there was a small non-smoking room in the back and we eagerly entered. The tables were not clean, and the stench of stale durian is so strong in that room, my daughter and I felt like throwing up. Food was very average. We have tasted many Padang food and this is definitely not anywhere at the top 10 of the list. I ordered some satay Padang but they could not deliver. After a long wait (when we're done eating and waiting), they told us the satay they had that day was not good enough to serve. We wished they had informed us earlier. Dishes were placed in front of you and you pay foe only what you touched/consumed. We ate a total of 3 dendeng, 1 paru, 3 sayur, 1 pegedil. With rice of course. Total was 409000 rp. It's definitely pricier than we'd anticipated. Would we visit again in future? No. Would I recommend to friends? No.

16 Oct 2017

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Rumah Makan Garuda

Jl. H. Agus Salim/Sabang no. 59, Jakarta Indonesia