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Tutup08.00 - 23.00 (Min)

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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Asia, BBQ, Seafood
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Casual Dining

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Cheaters and bad food

We ordered a kilo of fish and when the bill arrived, it says it's 1.4 kilos and the price is 1.5 times from what's mentioned in the menu. The waiters said this is how they do it and this was never told when we ordered. The food doesn't taste and is bland . There is no reason you should be going here unless you want to overpay and end up getting cheated.

10 Jan 2019



Taking the "mick" out of tourists!

First ate at Roma 5 years ago and enjoyed the experience. Returned 3 years ago - and couldn't remember why we decided not to return. Last week, on our 3rd trip to Bali - we decided to stop and have a few drinks before flying home - They had a range of wine - the Hatten for 50,000, but instead I chose the Two Islands for 65,000. First it was served in a sherry glass! I didn't touch it - waited for waitress to return, couple of times I politely called out to her when she was close to table - but her ears were painted on! I took the glass and said to the male member of this family business, "I have ordered a glass of wine - and I want it served in a wine glass please" and left the tiny version with them. Soon after waitress returned with a small sized wine glass but mostly full of wine! - Then the memories came thundering back - why we originally decided to "black" this business. 3 years ago the same thing happened. I tasted the wine which they would be charging 65,000 for - but it was the Hatten at 50,000 in my glass. I challenged her and she blankly agreed it was Hatten - I did not ask for the bill, I left the money for a Hatten and one bottle of Bintang and handed it to her and left saying this is the for hatten, which is not what I ordered. As I walked away, the mother is calling out and waving the money saying not enough. Loudly I told her she is ripping the tourists off and that is really bad for business and I for one won't be back. I told them you don't rip the tourists off. You are being paid for what you served me. Enough said - I wouldn't encourage anyone to go and won't be back. They missed out on our business for the next 2 or 3 hours as well!!! Silly them!!!!

05 Aug 2018



4 schrimps billed as 1.1kg

Nice evening. Nice dinner. Friendly service. ‘Where do you stay?’, answering ´at the Belmond Hotel next-door’ was probably not a good idea. The bill came doubled. 1.1kg for 4 jumbo prawns and 5.2kg for 4 local lobsters making it a €60 per person meal. We showed some resistance towards that extravagant bill but were friendly informed that 4 prawns normally come for 1.2kg. Nonsense of course but not worth ruining our fantastic holiday in Indonesia. Be attentive ;-)

02 Aug 2018

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