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Restoran Aceh "Meutia"
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Restoran Aceh "Meutia"

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Casual Dining

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the food just ok, the Tea Tarik was great !

This restaurant located in the small street near Sahid hotel jakarta, you just walk around 10-15 minutes from the hotel in the direction of Jalan Bendungan Hilir. this restaurant just in front of Bendungan hilir market. The ambiance is quiet strange, they have so many mediterranean lantern for decoration. the restaurant is very clean but they wrong choosing the color and the material of the floor so its look not so clean. They have many variety of Aceh and north Sumateran food. You can ask them to bring all in the small plate just like in padang restaurant or you can also choose them from the plate. Their signature is Noodle, Aceh is well known for the curried style noodle with sea food ( crab or shrimp) but here they also offer chicken and beef. the noodle is prepared different style from boiled , fried or saute. The food just ok but spicy the noodle also average Aceh noodle, not so special but the tea tarik is very good. they have small corner for making tea tarik ( in the front of restaurant ) it has very nice taste with cinnamon and milk. In the luch time they quiet busy so after or before lunch time is the best.

08 Jul 2012



Average Food

I am not familiar with Aceh food, but gave it a go. It's more of an air-con coffee shop, clean. We ordered the recommended Mie Aceh (quite tasty, nothing very extra-ordinary. fairly common mee goreng style); and they served Padang food (which is also fairly ordinary). Teh Tarik was good! comes with a cinnamon stick to stir, and cinnamon powder on top.

28 Nov 2011



Taste of Aceh in Jakarta

The location is near Benhil market so I actually didn't expect it to be some fancy dine in place, but the place is actually clean, soon after a person finishes the meal, the waiter will clean it. I ordered Aceh fried noodle which was delicious and the taste was just right in your mouth. It's quite pricey though but overall under IDR 50,000. They also have various Aceh food that being serve like in Padang restaurant. I definitely will come back to try another food.

28 Oct 2011

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Restoran Aceh "Meutia"

Jl. Bendungan Hilir Kav. 36A no. 16, Jakarta Indonesia