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Casual Dining

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Go for the Ribs

We wanted Indonesian food so we came in. The place was empty, almost dead and not convincing. We were thinking about walking away but then feeling bad about it since the staff was already busy trying to make the place alive: turned some more lights on, spinned some music, etc. The room filled with spice/herbal potpourri, so it smell like herbs. Free crackers was provided, good to have while we were waiting for our order. We ordered: Iga Bakar Rempah (grilled ribs with Indonesian herbs/spice), since Ribs and Oxtail are their specialities. It was good.. and came with a small bowl of soup. Nasi Goreng: served in a small frypan, taste just Ok. Should've just stick to ribs and oxtail. Gado-gado: I didn't try but my niece liked and finished it.

06 Feb 2017



U cant go wrong

I can say that i have influenced many of my colleagues for having lunch here. Any item from the menu that u pick would never dissapoint you. Their speciality is d ribs menu, ask a friend to order different menu from u so you could taste their variety of ribs (i have try it all 😎) Fried mushrooms with salty egg is also my favorite. If you like fresh sour beverage try "kedondong" juice. They also have shrimp and cassava crackers that you could refill freely as a snack while waiting for ur food to come. If you are a smoking type of person you could go to d next restaurant, they have connecting door but u could still order the food from this restaurant

12 Nov 2016

Kenny M


Almost Interesting

A small eatery hidden in the back of a big famous cake shop chain in Sunda Street - Central Jakarta. I was there for dinner and this place was empty. Very simple interior and selection of Indonesian food. I ordered from one of specialty dish which is konro/ribs with herbs and coated fried banana as dessert. They sure have nice pictures of dishes on their menu but nothing caught my attention aside of those two. The service was alright when receiving the order but all the servers left after all the food are served, just me, cashier and an empty chairs and tables. The ribs was cooked right and the taste is mild and I liked it. The dessert is even better, ripped banana wrapped with cheese then a thin flour dough deep fried served with shredded cheddar and chocolate sprinkler. The eatery have a connected door to a coffee shop filled with smokers. I might want to come back again for the food but I can't handle the smoke.

02 Dec 2014

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Resto Iga Iting

Jln. Sunda no. 7 Beside Sarinah Thamrin, Jakarta 10340 Indonesia