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Rendezvous Bar & Restaurant
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Rendezvous Bar & Restaurant

2 / 5(1)
Buka Sekarang08.00 - 22.00 (Min)

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$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Asia, BBQ, Cina, Pizza, Seafood, Indonesia, Nasi Goreng, Burger, Sate, Salad, Sup, Steak, Nasi Campur
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  • Smoking
  • WiFi
  • Parkir
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway

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Finally scammed :(

We are two budget travelers doing a trip around Asia. It was a funny experience the way we got scammed for the first time after 2 months traveling. We always check places but my girlfriend wanted to drink something and we saw they had Diet Coke on me menu. They also had an amazing photo of nachos at 20k (I knew it was a scum but let’s play) after we sit the waitress told us they didn’t have coke, so my GF asked for papaya juice, they were out of it as well so she asked for pineapple. When the nachos arrive they were so bad, Corns opened for days and a cold tomato juice as dip. When the waitress came to tell us they were out of pineapple too I told her in the photo it was showed guacamole and she said ah yes one minute! She came back with a banana Juice we didn’t ordered and the nachos with guacamole. When we ask for the bill (supposed to be 40+ 10%taxes ) it end it up being 77k. It seems extra guacamole (witch was in the standard photo) was more expensive than a tuna steak! We didn’t care since it’s 5€ and we had so much fun seeing the Indonesian owner trying hard to sell us all kind of things. We also were wondering how was place in TripAdvisor and now we see... we had fun but the food looks not fresh, so be careful in case you go to eat something cooked. You might get sick

28 Nov 2018



Worst meal in 3 weeks.

We have been in Bali now for about 3 weeks, and got to this restaurant in Lovina as our first meal here. Saw people walk out of the restaurant without more than tasting the food, okey it should have been a warning sign. I had the fishbasket (fried fish it said on the menu), a soggy mess it was, and my wife had the Lemon chicken with mashed potatoes. Both our dishes were cold (yes cold) and obviusly cooked in the microwave, but the worst part was that my wifes mash was frozen!! Who freezes potato mash? I pointed this out to the owner and ask him if these meals where microwaved, and he said yes and wondered if he should microwave it some more... We asked for the bill, payed and left. Horrible!

18 Nov 2018



Worst food in Bali

I dont understand how others can give this restaurant good reviews? I got my first warning signs when I saw two men beside us who took one bite of their food, and then paid to leave. Second warning sign was when we heard the microwave oven beeping over and over... Well, the food came and my mashed potato was a frozen pile in the middle of the plate (and very grainy after being frozen. I could barely swallow it). And the chicken in sauce were obviously processed food and not cooked that same day... My husband had the seafood basket, also with microwaved fish. We complained and the waitor said he could microwave even more if it was too cold. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone!

18 Nov 2018

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Rendezvous Bar & Restaurant

Jl. Binaria Anturan, Bali, Indonesia