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Popolamama - Grand Indonesia (GI)
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Popolamama - Grand Indonesia (GI)

3.9 / 5(13)
Grand Indonesia (GI)
Tutup10.00 - 22.00 (Kam)

Detail Restoran - Popolamama - Grand Indonesia (GI)

Kisaran Harga
$$ • Rp75.000 – 200.000/orang
Fusion, Italia, Jepang, Pizza, Pasta, Salad
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

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  • WiFi
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Takeaway

Ulasan Tentang Popolamama - Grand Indonesia (GI)

Fifi I.


This restaurant is one of my favorite restaurant in Grand Indonesia. But i think i need say that they also very crowded in weekend. Crowded also meant very noisy, especially because is family restaurant so.. usually people bring kids in this place. For you who wants cozy and intimate ambience surely you cant come to eat in this restaurant at the weekend or even after office hour. The best thing about this place other than foods is their friendly staff. They can recommend you what their best foods and im pretty sure it will worth. Anyway I suggest to try their carbonara pasta.. very nice yet good in tummy

10 Sep 2018



Berkesempatan untuk mencoba menu ramadhan mereka, mumpung ada promo buy 2 get 1. Jadi inovasi menu ramadan mereka itu, they try to bring Indonesian taste on their food through sambal matah menu dan ayam bumbu Bali. Can you imagine pizza with sambal matah or spaghetti with ayam bumbu Bali? Okay so ini review mengenai rasa makanannya: 1. Nasi ayam sambal matah (59k) Menu yang sederhana dengan potongan ayam (bukan digeprek) dengan sambal matah di atasnya, plus ada keripik kentang gitu dan brokoli. Well menurut Oppa sambal matahnya adalah highlight disini karena rasa pedas dan bawangnya tidak overpowering satu sama lain, ditambah keripiknya yang juga suka as pecinta keripik. 2.Pizza Ayam Bumbu Bali (65k) Apakah rasanya pedas? Untuk menu ini tidak terlalu ada rasa spicy di dalamnya, tekstur pizzanya tidak terlalu thin dan sedikit tebal. Ada sedikit dominasi rasa tomat di dalamnya. Bumbu balinya tidak terlalu dominan rasanya 3, Pasta Dory Sambal Matah (68k) Seperti yang Oppa bilang di atas, kalau sambal matahnya adalah highlight disini dan ditambah dori mereka yang segar dan lembut teksturnya, paduan yang sempurna banget. Spaghettinya popolamama emang favorit aku sih. So no more comment about this, selain a little bit spicy and it's so good 4. Pasta ayam bumbu bali (68k) Untuk pastanya sendiri, bumbu ayam balinya lebih terasa pada menu kali ini dibandingkan pizzanya. Jadi kalau kalian mau merasakan bumbu balinya kayak apa, menu ini recommended untuk dicoba Overall ramadan menu mereka berhasil impress me and sure gonna back untuk harga yang super affordable ini

23 Mei 2018

Jordan F.


I do want to give 4 stars for this resto, but I have to say Italian food is not my thing. The food with rich spices inside like Indonesian food or Thai Food would be the soulmate of my tongue. But this time I would be so objective about this review. Popolamama is one of the resto that offers you Italian food like pizza and pasta. Don't laugh but I visited this store because of its unique name. Hard to say at first but I think I know the meaning of it. It's Papa dan Mama in Bahasa. I believe the owner would give the feeling like you're like in your own home where your Papa and Mama are there. Of course, they would welcome you in the dining room to eat Italian cuisine together with them. Cool, isn't it? But out of the name, What I experienced about this resto was absolute fine. Let's talk about the service. The waitress was so friendly and informative. She even reminded me to be careful of the floor level. Wow. And recommended me the nicest food to eat. Since I need something with rice in it, she recommended me Doria Bolognese. Even the fact that Italian food is not my cup of coffee, I would say I was OK with this dorian bolognese . So creamy and has texture in every bite. The grilled meat tasted very well and all are perfect for the mozzarella that covered the top layer. I believe if you are the huge fan of Italian food you would love this stuff. Again, the service was a real plus. The waitress informed me to have a visit on Monday and Tuesday. Since they have a promo for buy 1 gets 2 for Pizza and Pasta. Perfect..!! So I guess for you who wants to have no ordinary date on Monday and Tuesday, you can try this. The place is not bad. Well decorated in fact. It's not really spacey but comfortable enough for you to sit. For me (as the one who does not favor Italian food) the price is a bit ehmmm (Pricey). But, It's worth trying after all. So, Popolomama is absolutely recommended both for Italian Food lover and Promo Lovers.

14 Apr 2018


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Popolamama - Grand Indonesia (GI)

Grand Indonesia Mall, West Mall, Lantai 3A, Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia