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Poke Grill

Tutup17.00 - 22.00 (Sel)

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BBQ, Jepang
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Casual Dining

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Juicy and tasty grill

Landed here before 6.00 pm on Sunday, so we (me & husband) are the only guests to be served. We redeemed our promotional voucher, so we have limited option. And our picks were tebasaki (chicken wings), buta bara (pork belly), koushi no ribu (grilled baby back ribs) and green tea jelly (dessert). We also ordered lamb shoulder as it was recommended by several food blogger in Jakarta. First come our buta bara. And yes, this one certainly become our favorite. The salt is good and balance with other seasoning, Then come the tebasaki and koushi no ribu. The ribs are tender, and well marinated, with sesame seeds on it. The grilling sauce is delicious and I prefer this one than the BBQ sauce. The tebasaki has both sweet and savory taste, they just perfectly blended. The lamb shoulder came in 5 minutes, and visually they are nice. The lamb was cooked very well, we did not find any part that burnt or overcooked. The meat is juicy and tender, and their salty flavor is lovely. Definitely this one is the winning dish of Poke Grill. Nothing to tell about the beverages because we only order the bottomless ocha. The green tea jelly was just Okay, nothing special about it. At 6.30 pm, there were two other guests who joined us.And right after that, the speed of services was declining. We got our dessert after 10 minutes waiting. In my opinion the price is affordable for the grill dishes. But the price for the rice is quite expensive (IDR 10,000) because the portion is small. Sure we will come back again to try their salmon and snapper.

22 Dec 2013

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Poke Grill

Jln. Patal Senayan I Rukan Permata Senayan Blok H - 2, Jakarta 12210 Indonesia