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Pizzeria Italia
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Pizzeria Italia

Buka Sekarang11.00 - 23.00 (Kam)

Detail Restoran - Pizzeria Italia

Kisaran Harga
$ • Di bawah Rp75.000/orang
Eropa, Italia, Pizza, Burger, Kentang Goreng
Tipe Restoran
Casual Dining

Info Tambahan

  • WiFi
  • Parkir
  • Terima Kartu Kredit
  • Alkohol Tersedia
  • Takeaway

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Pizzeria italia

Very good food, we ordered minestrone soup and tuna steak also sea food spaghetti... to make long story short (all delicious) with high speed WiFi!!!

05 Nov 2018



Delivery fast - yummy food!

Tried my first ever delivery food in Bali last night - (have been coming here regularly for 30 odd years!)...we ordered 2 pizzas both YUM - the funghi e salsiccia very good and the vego one was particularly yum, especially well seared zucchini, delish!! - have eaten a lot of pizza around the world, (including Napoli!) - was surprised at how good they were...could have been cooked for a 'tad' longer, but for my tastes I find most places seem to slightly under cook pizza (outside of Italy!)....had a taste of my friends lasagna and tiramisu - they were really yummy too. Rarely write tripadvisor reviews these days but after reading the other poor fellows rant about bad delivery service wanted to set the record straight - no probs for us whatsoever - great option for a lazy night in!!

01 Nov 2018



The WORST Delivery & Customer Service Recovery- EVER

I am in the hospitality industry and only write five star reviews- usually of restos that are doing something special; from the heart or delivering a surprise experience. I do this, because I very well know everyone can have an off night or an unexpected mishap which can change the whole experience. It happens. You can imagine with the above in mind what kind of repeated experience I have had with Pizzaria Italia to take the time to write this review. Pizzaria Italia hands down has been my most frequented eatery both in house and for delivery ever since moving too Ungasan. As a whole in Bali, there are probably more Italian restaurants than any other western cuisine. Most of them are average at best. To be fair, P.Italia (when eating in house) is well above average and quite good for the inexpensive price. A couple stand out dishes that I will miss is the lasagna & gnocchi with walnuts, prosciutto and gorgonzola: one of the best ever. When eating in house, the service is attentive, the decor is homey and pleasant and the food is always of good consistent quality. NEVER-EVER-EVER get it delivered. If you do attempt delivery and you need to call to inform the manager of displease don't expect any sort of recovery. But you can expect excuses! Here it is: 1st time, I ordered a brownie. It was so old and hard when attempting to put a spoon through it, it exploded into 1000's of pieces from the plate to the floor. Completely inedible and at least two weeks old. While sweeping my floor, I called the manager to complain. She said that "it is an Italian style brownie." It was so old and dry it had the texture of baked merengue. No way this could be anyones standard and never should have been served. The second time I ordered a pizza and large Bintang. The pizza was slid all too one side and the Bintang was borderline hot from bouncing around in the boot of the drivers scooter. When I opened the beer it foamed over and half of it ended up on the deck. Undrinkable. After a couple weeks had gone by, I decided to give them another chance. This was a couple days ago. I ordered a pizza and a liter of house red wine. Which shockingly is pretty good. But I wasn't going to take the risk of another Maltov Bintang cocktail. I should have checked the pizza before paying for it. Completely destroyed. Cheese all to one side, soggy crust and cold. See the pic! I sent a picture of it to the manager. She said "it must be because we made the large size." WTF? First of all they only make one size pizza. Second, size has nothing to do with careful handling. Now i'm pissed. Apologize, but don't lie to me as you did about the brownie a month or so prior. After a little back and fourth she offered to send a new pizza. However since I was starving I had already eaten a big part of it and did not want another pizza. She agreed to comp my next pizza order. Now we are at today. I placed a pizza order and another 1/2 liter of house wine this evening for a 10pm delivery. Yes the pizza I wanted tonight is about 40K more expensive than the one I ordered two nights ago. Keep in mind I have had several bad delivery experiences that the manager is aware of. The price difference should not have been an issue. She said that she can only replace it with the same pizza. I told her I didn't enjoy it and I don't want the same one or have to be reminded of how bad it was a couple days ago. She said she could only do the same pizza or vegetarian or Mediterranean. I understand that the pizza is more expensive about $2.66 USD difference and that I guess that is my value to them as a repeat customer who has had several bad experiences. I told her to forget the order, they have lost me both as a delivery customer and as an in house guest forever. Seriously. I don't expect delivery food to be as good as when eating at the establishment. But I do expect the food to be in one piece and semi hot. I do expect the beer to be cold-"ish." I do expect a brownie not to explode. And above all else I do expect not to be lied to. A simple apology would have sufficed with extra attention and care on my future orders. Not too much to ask and I wasn't looking for anything comped. Even that was a lie. The manager then reached out again and explained to me that she can only comp for the same value of the pizza because she herself was going to pay for it. Wow, very nice and very unnecessary. I would never expect or accept a hard working employee to pay for the carelessness or mistake of another employee or even their own mistake. Mistakes happen. Furthermore if this is the company policy to make their hard working employees pay for mistakes, then all the more reason why I will never go to any of the Pizzaria Italias ever again. Their is an old Italian saying "The fish stinks from the head first." If in fact this is the company policy and not just another lie, then no wonder the guest customer service recovery is so horrible. If the staff personally has to pay for errors why would they ever acknowledge an error. They are just going to sweep it under the rug as I did with the brownie; while the company continues to lose customers. Good luck with that strategy!

26 Oct 2018

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Pizzeria Italia

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