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Pink Suriname

Pink Suriname

Tutup18.00 - 22.00 (Jum)

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분위기 좋게 야외에서 식사를 하기 때문에 밤에 시원하게 먹을려고 방문하였고, 직원들이 추천해주는 음식을 먹었는데 너무 좋았습니다.

28 Jan 2019



A Gem near the university!

Lovely food cooked from scratch -if you are in a hurry it is not the place for you. it is well worth the wait - the food is delicious! previous reviewers have listed the dishes available - all great! we really recommend this simple welcoming little restaurant!

09 Nov 2014



Delicious food - we will return!

This little bistro, located next to the University campus, has a small garden courtyard and is tucked away behind a wall to screen it from the road. Elizabeth, the owner and the chef, cooks everything from scratch, nothing is dug out of the freezer and defrosted here so if you're in a hurry choose another time to visit as it can take a little time to produce the food but it is well worth it. Apart from a varied selection on the menu (from the good old Indonesian favourites such as Gado Gado, sate and ribs, and Pepes Ikan to salads, Surinamese chicken curry, stewed lamb shank, chilli con carne and several pasta dishes) there are also daily specials - whipped up according to whatever Elizabeth has purchased at the market that day. These are wide-ranging offerings - from a worldwide selection. Elizabeth has spent many years working in restaurants in Japan as well as in Surinam and other places around the world so her repertoire is quite extensive, giving diners the option of eating local-style or picking a different cuisine. As she explained to us, Surinam has a blend of cultures and the cuisine is quite varied that is why she chose the name for her restaurant. The portions are quite large and value for money is assured. The restaurant offers beer but will allow you to take your own wine, as mentioned by another reviewer, and the corkage charge is minimal. It's open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon to 10pm, on Sundays for dinner only from 6pm to 10pm and is closed on Mondays. Tel 0361 8952330. to be found on Jalan Raya Kampus Unud no 8. Don't miss it! The pumpkin soup has a hint of lemongrass and is delicious, the fish and chips English style was served with fried calamari and onion rings and a very yummy tangy homemade tartar sauce (sure there was some lime in there somewhere!)

04 Nov 2014

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Pink Suriname

Jln. Raya Kampus Unud No 8, Jimbaran Indonesia