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Asia, BBQ, Nasi Goreng, Burger, Bakso, Babi, Iga, Sup, Kentang Goreng, Sosis, Bak Kut Teh
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Casual Dining

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Pricey, still yummy, limited menu, and no longer quite what it was

So it's been a while since I've been to Pigglicious, and it's always nice to come back and find a few of your favourites still there and still good, but also sad to find a few now gone and others not as good as before. We came back for the ribs, and also for the pork in Sulawesi Rica sauce. As portion sizes are often hard to gauge we also ordered some crispy knuckle. I must admit I didnt really understand the Indonesian word for knuckle and the menu is not in English, so I didn't grasp that actually this was a whole knuckle, so quite huge. Frustratingly they only have one vegetable on the menu which is Kangkung or as some of you may know it, Water Spinach or Morning Glory. Due to a traumatising past experience, which has nothing to do with Piggylicious, this is literally the only thing I can't eat! So that left zero choice of vegetables... a bit crap given none of the dishes come with vegetable aside from a very small bit of corn beside the ribs. Note: in theory they have fries and wedges and rice, which are if course vegetables for the pedantic. But purified white carbs, steamed or fried, fails my test for 'vegetables', and in this case both the fries and wedges were 'habis' (out-of stock). On a menu with so few items, something as basic as potatoes being 'habis' is a frightening indicator of poor management, and instantly leaves you a bit worried about the rest So anyway, how was it.. The Sulawesi Pork Rica Rica came out first, and this really is a signature dish of the restaurant. If you like pork and like spicy then this is a must try dish. It's super spicy, and very fresh tasting, due to the addition of lots of spring onions and Kemangi (a common Indonesian herb similar to lemon basil). This gives the dish a very unique flavour, and while in reality it is quite oily, it tastes fresh and clean. Very yummy with rice, which is lucky given that was the only option. The portion is small, but in reality about right for one person with rice, or two sharing. Definitely a dish worth trying The second dish to come out was the pork knuckle. While I had been imagining a small dish of crispy pork, that really is my own fault. What came out though looked like about half of a whole pork knuckle. The knuckle had basically been salted and deep fried, so whats not to like, crispy pork is always good. Unfortunately, although appearing huge, most of the dish was bone, fat and skin, with not that much edible meat. The meat that was there was delicious, though again the crispy bits were best and there was not so much of that. The pork came with a side of sweet chilli dipping sauce and a home made sambal matang, which was sharp, fresh, spicy and delicious as it should be, and a perfect accompaniment to the greasiness of the pork. We took a large portion of left over fat and skin home for my dog, who is now most impressed with piggylicious and has asked if we can go back for more! The final dish to come out was the ribs, which to be honest were a bit dry and overly caked in spices. Ribs are meant to fall apart as tyou cut them, and pull easily off teh bone, which these certainly did, but they are also meant to be juicy, which these weren't particularly, and the coating should really be a sauce, while this ended up sort of more a semi dry caking of spices. My dinner partner found this too chillied for her taste but, personally I enjoy that level of heat. In fairness perhaps we would have enjoyed the ribs more if were not so full from the knuckle, which had been bigger than anticipated through my own poor translation and/or lack of clarity. As I said the ribs came with nothing more than a very small portion of corn... a cob cut into three along it's length, then half of one of those, so a sixth of cob, which does seem a bit miserly. Overall... I'd have to say the restaurant has gone down in my assessment. In 2015 i wrote that it sold the best ribs in town for a medium priced establishment. Well that can no longer be said to be true. Yogya has a much broader raneg of places selling pork ribs now, including for example Poka Ribs and Yahuda, down in the Prawirotaman area, or Atap Grill closer to Sosrowijayan, just to name a few. The price at Pigglicious is comparable to these places, but aside from Atap, the others are much more up market, with much much more extensive menus, better service and actually bigger portions of better quality ribs. I have to say that overall the ribs were disappointing. As for the pork knuckle... crispy pork knuckle needs to be crispy, and you need to worn customers if any portion size is either dramatically smaller or, as in the case, dramatically larger than what they might expect. The pork knuckle at Yauda is a much better deal! larger, more expensive, but stunningly good. So again I must say overall i was disapointed that they have not kept up with the market. Food in Yogya is getting better and more competitive. To top off my concerns, overall the overly limited menu has shrunk even more. Long gone are the yummy pork burgers that they used to sell, as well as a second delicious sulawesi pork dish that I liked a lot. one side dish of vegitables is a very limited choice, and there really is no excuse for a restaurant in the middle of a bustling 24hr city, running out of something as basic as potatoes, that's simply very poor management. On the positive side the restaurant now has an indoor eating area, which is air-conditioned and clean though the toilets are hard to find and below standard. The service was polite, friendly and efficient, and food and drinks arrived promptly, though sequentially rather than together. But with two people serving only two tables, this should be expected. At the end of the day for Rp450,000 in Yogya, You should expect to be very full, very contented and very impressed, and to be honest I wasn't (note that included 3 small beers that were not too pricey). I walked away full, and pleased to have had the Pork Rica Rica again, but overall quite disappointed. I have satisfied my curiosity but don't imagine i'll be back in a rush, though I wouldn't say don't try it, as it is one of the still limited range of pork restaurants in yogya, but to frank, there are now many better options

13 Jun 2018

Belinda Rena B


Baso Tahu Babi👌

Best baso tahu babi ever! I was sick with sore throat when eating this. But the baso tahu babi taste so good. It was boiled so took long enough to serve, but once you taste it the tiredness of waiting is gone. The place is big and comfy, but since we've come at 2 pm it was too hot. 10/10 will be back if I go to Jogja again.

30 Sep 2017



Almost closed dinner

We've come to this restaurant almost closed time. Since it was saturday nite, they said will serve for more customer who like to had a dine in. Nice service from the start. They suggest some special menu knuckles pork, ribs and fried rice for the fastest served dish. So far it's worthed, and for the taste i like the sweet ribs than some balinese seasoning. The fried rice, the pork meat is too few but the taste is hot and some unique taste come out. For the price, could u decrease it?

23 Jun 2017

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