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Petani Restaurant

Petani Restaurant

Monkey Forest
Tutup7.00 - 23.00 (Sen)

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$$$ • Rp200.000 – 500.000/orang
Asia, Fusion
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Casual Dining

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Excellent and kind service, delicious food, good variety of choice, impeccable presentation, beautiful garden and interior design. Good life music in the evenings, as well: One notices its quality, while being able to concentrate in the food and the conversation, as it is nor too loud, neither excessively rhythmic.

27 Sep 2018



Not worth the packet of salt on the table

This restaurant is the perfect example of all style and no substance. Petani is an attractive restaurant located at the Alaya Resort Hotel, off of the very busy hanoman Street. It touts itself as a five star restaurant with prices that are quite high by Balinese standards. That evening I went there with my wife and my two little girls. There seems to be no host, maitre d, or floor manager at the restaurant. We were seated by what I believe was the hotel reservationist. We were brought to a table of 4 that was set with just a candle. The Smiling server brought us a dinner menu, a children's menu and a dilapidated falling apart beverage list. I then asked him for another menu so that I could look at. With a smile he replied that they were short on menus, but did come back with another menu. My wife and I decided to eat here because we both wanted duck. The menu at Petani features two different duck dishes so that is the reason why we decided to go. The constantly smiling server came back to the table and asked us if he could take out order. Not just a drink order but he was ready for the entire kit and Kaboodle. we did peruse the menu but we wanted to order drinks first. I ordered two bottles of water, a hot tea for my wife and the Yuzu infused ice tea for myself. My wife and I both knew what we wanted, so she nudged me to go ahead and place the full order. For my girls I ordered cream of potato soup and the fish and chips. My wife ordered what was called a healthy salad for her appetizer and then the crispy duck with orange sauce "how original" for her main course. I ordered some kind of Asian vegetable soup with tofu and crispy wontons and then I ordered the roasted duck breast served with vegetables and vegetable puree "how redundant can you be". I asked the server if I could substitute the coconut rice for the vegetable puree, with a smile he said no problem. Little did I know that the so-called vegetables would be diced roasted potatoes. About 10 minutes later the server comes with the children's meal. At this point they have still not set the table with napkins or silverware, much less our beverages. I asked the server how are my children supposed to eat without any silverware and where are our beverages, at least the water, please bring us water. My children's potato soup tasted like powdered mashed potatoes with extra water added. We notice another table that was seated after us has already gotten their cocktails and water now I am totally mystified and this experience is going downhill like a landslide in a rainstorm. I work in the f&b hospitality industry for 32 years I have been a bartender, a host, a server, a maitre d, and the restaurant manager. I travel a frequently and dine out often and my degree is in hotel and restaurant management. I cannot fault the servers entirely. From what I saw there was only two or three servers in this busy restaurant and they had a large table of 20 which seem to take up most of their time. I went to the front desk and told the receptionist that before I leave this evening I want to speak to the manager. After returning to the table, the appetizer of healthy salad and soup arrived, but still no water or tea. I asked the permanently smiling server for our beverages. Our water and tea arrived. My Ice-T was a total disappointment because, it was just plain tea not infused with anything but sugar. The vegetables on the salad or crispy but in general extremely bland and the serving was puny. My soup was remarkably lukewarm and the so-called crispy wontons as described were soggy. The vegetables in the soup were cut too large to be in a soup, it was a soup that needed a knife. I'm not exaggerating as the pictures will prove my point. My wife and I were hungry so we decided to eat it anyway. Before we were done with the appetizer the server came to ask if you could take away the plates. at this point I could only think that our entrees were sitting in the window waiting to be delivered. I express to him that the soup that I was served was cold and that I expected more from this restaurant. With his everlasting smile the service said he would take the soup of the bill. Our entrees finally arrived. My wife's crispy duck was just a roasted dried out duck leg and breast. The meats was quite hard to get off the bone. The vegetables in a lettuce cup and the rice were hot the duck was not and why in the world is there crudite on the plate. I ask the server where is the sauce for the duck, the smiling guy replied that the sauce is on the way, WTF. He quickly came back with a trio of samdal condiments. My roasted duck breast was cold but the coconut rice was warm and delicious and for vegetables I had roasted potatoes one piece of broccoli and one piece of cauliflower with mottled black spots all over it. I kid you not about the cauliflower the pictures will prove it. Again we were hungry so we ate anyway. Halfway through entree the chef comes to the table. he asked us about our experience that evening and I calmly and politely told him what went wrong. He wanted to know if we were guest at the hotel, for some reason I don't see how that could matter. He then asked me where I came from. I told him that we live in Key West, Florida. he then replied that he had visited Key West many times, because he worked on cruise ships. I totally believe it, because the food that he serves reflects what you would get on low-end cruise ships that frequent Key West. I showed him the black cauliflower, and ask him if he felt good about serving this to his diners. He had nothing to say but that he would take 10% off the bill and give us free dessert "whoopty freakin Doo". The young man with the Perpetual smile came back to the table and brought potato soup. I asked him why are you bringing the soup, he then said to me this is the soup for your daughters. Don't you remember that you had already brought the soup, or is this making up for the cold soup that we had before. It is still a mystery to me. We ask for all bill and indeed the soup was taken off as was 10%. The man with the smile said sir the chef would like to buy you dessert, what would you like. To prove a point that it was not about getting anything free and because we did not want further disappointment we said no to the desserts. I feel that we should not have had to pay for anything because the meal, the service and the experience was atrocious. I implore anybody who reads this review please do not go to this restaurant, again it is not worth the packets of salt and pepper on the table, and I did mention to the chef that packets of salt and pepper belong at a fast food restaurant. Even Burger King has salt and pepper shakers on the table.

26 Sep 2018



Always a smile every time I eat here..

Three words.. “to die for” is how I feel every time I have lunch or dinner here. Everything is amazing! Appetisers such as Pumpkin Soup, Octopus Salad, and Mains including Grilled Tuna, Pork Ribs, and the mouth watering desserts including Apple Pie, Chocolate Fondant. My favourite being the Chocolate Tart. So mouth-watering and delicious! Try it for yourself! You’ll be blown away!! Besides this, the restaurant itself boasts modern Balinese rice field design, depicting a farmer with all his farming equipment, including a farmer’s hat! Absolutely thrilled eating here amongst the beautiful array of batik art and farm utilities. You will definitely miss coming back here again and again!

07 Sep 2018

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