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review for branch in bali

reviewing periplus here coz i cant find an account for their denpasar branch. loved the fries here. they call it "hot chips" lol friendly staff. the pasta w/ beef and the fruit salad were also very good.

27 Feb 2018



Unappealing Bookshop & Cafe

Periplus Kemang is a small bookshop with a cafe. It doesn't do either of those things especially well. The books in the bookshop are all shrink-wrapped to prevent anyone from seeing what might be inside. Books can only be judged by their cover. The cafe portion of Periplus is not great. It may be an ok place for cool people to hang out and drink coffee but the food is not good at all. The set of options on the board are much less enticing when seen up close. There was nothing really appetising. Despite ordering a range of different things to try, it was all quite unappealing. Not even especially filling either. The atmosphere is weird because of the books. This is not a cool bookshop, it is full of highly mainstream works. As there's no browsing that doesn't really matter. What does matter though is the impact on space. Sitting down and eating while someone is standing next to the table looking at the books is uncomfortable. Outside is all about Hero car park which isn't that great an attraction. Service was a litle awkward. Admittedly, communication barriers can be an issue but it was hard to make enquiries as to what various things actually were. When the food did arrive after quite some time waiting it was not great at all. Even really easy things like a side of fries tasted bad. A pasta dish was not nice. Getting to Periplus means heading down Kemang Selatan and heading for Hero supermarket. Maybe worth getting a coffee here while shopping at Hero but definitely not worth turning off amid the heavy traffic of Kemang just for the bookshop.

08 Mar 2015

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Periplus Kemang

Jln. Kemang Selatan 1 Kemang, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12730 Indonesia